Bonjour! The name is Illyana. Bachelor in Screen Production.
Started blogging in 2008, until today and currently trying to survive the present. 

Here you will find a recollection of my thoughts, stupid rants and sometimes beauty talks all over the blog. This page exists simply cause I feel as though it's only fair to tell you a little bit about myself since you've done me the courtesy of visiting my blog. Thank you.

And I'd love to hear from you too.

Cheers! x

From Perth, With Love
from Illy Illyana on Vimeo.
Oh, and here are some of my favorites. Enjoy :)
>> Che Det 
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>> Hana Tajima
>> Jag Lever
>> Marina Mahathir
>> Things We Forget 

Meet the Annoying Sister and Mr. Boyfriend :)
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