How to Shop Online & Get Your Money Back

We often shop for things online nowadays but have you heard about "Cash Reward Program"?

This program allows online shoppers worldwide to take a portion [percentage] of what they paid for products they bought through this program/service. This program also provides discount coupons and voucher codes for online shopping!

Example 1:
I booked a hotel from booking.com through this system. I paid RM 500+ for the hotel and I got [9%] RM30 in return. After a certain period of time, I can withdraw the RM 30!

Example 2:
Bought a XIAOMI Mi Band from Lazada for RM 93 through this system and I received [1.50%] RM 1.40 in return!

Sounds little but slowly I grew RM 50 in my account without me realizing it since I always shop online. My younger sister just withdraw RM 170 from this program and yes, this program is legit so don't worry!

CLICK HERE ] to sign up! Just insert your email and preferred password and you're done! Although you might need to update your details later but it's so easy! Always remember to sign into your ShopBack account first and click [let's say] "Zalora" on ShopBack's website before you log into your Zalora's account and start your shopping spree on Zalora.

A lot of companies have participated in this program including AirAsia, Althea, Lazada, ASOS, SASA, Sephora, Hermo, Malaysia Airlines, App Store, Zalora and many more! Different companies have different percentage % of cashback but it's better that nothing, right? It's like having a never-ending sale on everything, all year long!
My balance on June 6, 2017. Yay, duit raya!!
This is not a paid advertisement. If you sign up through a referral, you'll get RM10 bonus! If you sign up by your own/not through referral, you'll get RM5 bonus. To sign up and score yourself RM10 bonus, [click here] ! Just sharing some useful and interesting e-tips! Hope you enjoy this post! Please share this post with your loved ones too!

'Til next time. Toodles! :) xx

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