Cheapskate Tips 101

[Skin type: Dry] [Age: 26]
Here's a cheapskate side of me but these products gave me good results. Definitely worth every penny! And of course, #Tried-And-Tested! (:
>> Face and Body Lotion
Who could resist RM15 for a tub of moisturizer?! I'm on my second tub now! I normally use it as lotion/moisturizer for my face and body. Mind you the texture is a bit greasy at first and fragrance-free. Suitable for people who always in air-conditioned room. This cream works mainly by providing a layer of oil on the surface of the skin to prevent water evaporating from the skin surface and by using it regularly,it helps to restore our skin's softness, smoothness and flexibility by helping our skin retain moisture. Some people use aqueous cream as substitute for soap when washing/showering. Using this cream instead of soap or shower gel can preventing our skin from drying out while cleansing the skin. This method usually is recommended for people with eczema.

Product : Aqueous Cream [any brand with same price tag, they work the same]
Price : RM 15.00 [500 gram]
From : Guardian, Watsons, Caring, any pharmacies.

>> Lifting and Firming Serum/Face Lotion
I'm only 26 so I don't have much wrinkles but I would love to have my face plumped and this product is a miracle in a bottle! I noticed that after I trying it overnight, my skin wasn't blotchy or dry when I woke up in the morning. No more dry patches! It leaves my skin feeling really plumped and moisturized without feeling oily. I would repurchase this! I'm not using it to remove my wrinkles as I don't have much but I use it to prevent it. Some people claimed it reduces their under eye lines/wrinkles but I never tried it in my eyes area so can't really confirm that but it works for my cheeks! If you have saggy cheeks, try this!

Product : Hada Labo Retinol Lifting and Firming Lotion
Price : RM 11.00
From : Guardian

>> Toothpaste
Want cleaner and whiter teeth but can't afford teeth-scaling? My cousin Ika recommended this to me and yes I find it very helpful! This toothpaste whitens my teeth, leaving my mouth breath smells fresh and deep cleanse the mouth. Before this I normally used the normal Darlie & Colgate and I didn't expect much from this product at first because to me, toothpaste is just toothpaste but I was wrong! This toothpaste is a game changer! It also helps me in getting rid off stains that has build up.

Product : Colgate Charcoal Deep Clean Toothpaste
Price : RM 11.00
From : Any supermarket and pharmacies. Got mine from Giant Hypermarket.

>> Acne Lotion
My roommate Edrina told me one of her beauty secrets. It stinks, I know but beauty is pain! After few days of trying it, I slowly getting used to the smell of it. Edrina is very confident to use it as  night lotion and moisturizer/primer before makeup, but for me I use it either before I sleep or during daytime on my day off. She claimed that whenever her skin feeling bumpy [pre-acne], she immediately put gamat on the bump and it'll be gone by tomorrow or the day after! I tried putting gamat on my breakout area where I got my "papule acne" [macam jerawat pasir gitu] for two nights. The area became flat (finally!), no more bumps but the scars are still there, maybe it needs more time to get rid of the scars but so far I'm loving the tips!

Product : Ubat Gamat Langkawi
Price : RM 5.00
From : Pharmacies, Kedai Jamu, Kedai Jual Al-Quran, Kedai Karpet, etc [make sure it's the real Gamat from Langkawi]

>> Makeup Wipes
Makeup wipes are very useful when travelling or whenever you're feeling lazy to remove your makeup using cotton pads. I know that feeling because I'm always lazy HAHAHAHA. As we know makeup wipes are kinda expensive and normally priced at RM 14.00 - RM 20.00 in pharmacies. Say no more to expensive makeup wipes as you can now get RM 7.00 for 3 packs [20 sheets in each] from Watsons! Sometimes RM 5.00 when they're having promotions or member sales. It removes my makeup just like other makeup wipes did! It's alcohol free too! But always remember to double cleanse your face after using it with your facial wash. It only removes your makeup, not cleansing it.

Product : Watsons Moisturizing Baby Lotion Wipes [blue colour]
Price : RM 7.00 for 3 packs [60 sheets in total]
From : Watsons

>> Makeup Brush Cleaner
HOLY MOLY! My friend Zati Nordin shared one of her tips and the result is mind-blown! Just wet your brush, put some of the shower gel on the bristle and rub out the dirts. Even the most stubborn foundation easily came out from my kabuki brush and beauty blender! My kabuki brush [only people with kabuki brush know the struggles] is clean AF after using it. The white bristle is white again! No more stain on my beauty blender! Trust me and go to the nearest shop and BUY IT. BUY IT NOW. Remember this, ONLY the Ginseng one works. Others don't. Oh and it has this floral scent, which I love but my sister doesn't like it because it's kinda strong for her but she's already used to it now so, meh.

Product : Aiken Shower Gel Extra Protection in Rosemary, Bergamot and Ginseng
Price : RM 6.00 [250 ml]
From : Any supermarkets and pharmacies.

>> Face Brush
At home I'm using Clarisonic Mia 2 but when I travel I prefer to bring this brush from Daiso instead of Clarisonic because it's light-weight and cheap. So in case if I lost it I can always get a new one HAHAHAHAHA. The brush/bristle is soft and cleanse my face very well. I love cleansing my face with brush because it makes my face feeling cleaner and whenever I put on my moisturizer or any other skin care, my skin will absorb better. Of course I have to clean the brush every time after using it, so I use Aiken Shower Gel to clean it.

Product : Face Brush
Price : RM 5.90
From : Daiso

>> Hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know if you have more "cheapskate"-tips to share! xx

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