Just right before I catch my flight to Abu Dhabi this Sunday, Hariz just surprised my whole family with... well, keep reading...

Hariz's calling dibs!

I still can't find the best, right word to define what I feel right now. The best I can come up with is, "funny". Oh my God I'm not sure if I should be happy or bad about me feeling funny but for sure everything that happened tonight felt so surreal! Not going to upload photos of the event because I look bad in all pictures HAHAHAHAHA it was a surprise and I was about to get done with the dishes, sental periuk nasi and shits, so my face was definitely not ready for any of this but oh hey, check out my first ring and 'dulangs' [trays]! 
My belly still feels funny while writing this post. It feels like I'm laughing on the inside instead of expressing it on my face or laugh like a normal person. God help me please. HAHAHAHAHA geez, he's the cutest thing on Earth. *DIBS! Cutest person ever is mine!

Well, almost. And of course. I said, YES! ❤️

P/S : Ika is probably the only one who knows about the plan, but she suck at keeping secrets. I was mistaken this surprise for another surprise, so yeah, I was still surprised so congratulations Booboo, you surprised me. Finally :P