Huda Matte Liquids + Lip Primers

Loving the new line from Huda Beauty [USD 20/ GBP 18]! Their matte liquid lipsticks are to die for! The packaging is beautifully-designed, sleek, simple and smart. Loooove the lips biting design on the packaging. It's like you can see the swatches just by looking at the boxes, without swatching them on your hands. I find that really genius of Huda Kattan, the famous Dubai MUA for coming up with such idea. They have 16 shades to choose from but my favourites would be Trendsetter [brownish-pink] and Icon [more to brown kinda melon pink]! I'm so bad at describing the colours, so please youtube for the swatches hahaha. Not a fan of pink lips, but Icon is an exception! After hours of Youtube sesh, only this video that I found very helpful [to me].

In terms of formula, this Italian-made matte liquid is quite tricky to apply as the formula is really wet/runny/watery. Comfortable to wear, does not leave patchy/cakey finish, slightly sticky after awhile as the formula does not 100% dry up even though it leaves my lips looking matte. Lasts up to, maybe 3 - 4 hours, if I don't eat hahahaha. Shades on the boxes are almost true to the colour, but might be slightly differed when applied on different people, different skin tones. Not so much, just slightly differed.

  • Very pigmented.
  • Does not leave my lips feeling dry [during and after].
  • Matte finish/ looking.
  • Feels light on the lips, like not wearing any matte lipstick at all.

  • Not long-lasting.
  • Fades easily when eating.
  • Slightly sticky on the lips after a while [but still comfortable to wear].
  • Not transfer-proof/ kiss-proof.

3.9/5 from me but still, I would say it's worth the hype! This is my first time trying such formula, that is different from what I've tried before; creamy liquid lipsticks. I would recommend you to get it at least one. If your lips always become dry after wearing liquid lipstick, or you just hate the matte feeling on your lips, yes Huda liquids might be the one for you or just get a lip primer. I'm using the one from MAC Cosmetics, Prep + Prime Lip [RM 82] before I discovered Lippie Primer [USD $5] from Colourpop. Both work the same *cries*. GAME CHANGER, I tell you. After I discovered this thing called lip primer, I always have it in my handbag, always. Never will I put any liquid lipstick on before applying lip primer. NEVER! Trust me on this one. I thought it was just an over-priced lip-balm so fuck that shit but boy, I WAS WRONG. If I can turn back time, I'd slap myself. 10/5 for lip primers because they're God sent.

P/S : Thanks Alia for introducing me to lip primers. I learned something new last month HAHAHA

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