We Are 5!

6 years ago, he said Hi.

We had pretty amazing ride over the years. We’ve celebrated anniversaries together; we’ve also celebrated anniversaries hundreds miles apart. We've experienced many firsts together and looking forward to many more in our future!

This time, we celebrated ours in Ipoh! Together with our loved ones too since Hariz joined the National Horse Show 2016 in Perak Turf Club, Ipoh last week. It was his first show but he casually passed all three dressage tests! What else in this life that you can’t do? I am beyond proud of you, Boo! We all are!

I will continue to cheer you on, wherever you are, whatever you do.

Happy 5 to us! I love you, Mohd Hariz.
Wed, 12/10/2016 ]


Umihariznukman said...

Please post the story about "how we met"

IllyIllyana said...

HAHAHAHAHA see how hahahaha