Glam Caddy

This is something I have never heard of before until Ika told me to get one. Guess what? I LOVE IT! [Gotta love that girl, she knows what's best] It has made my dressing table so much better, so much organized, or else I just dumped everything into my "vanity trolley", that I bought from Ikea. I feel like I finally using everything that I have, because I can see all of my makeups better now instead of reaching the same thing everyday. I used to store my makeups in boxes and drawers, thinking that I would rotate out, but I actually never did. I can now get rid of everything out from my drawers and put them all in this amazing storage/organizer!
I got this Glam Caddy from Lazada Malaysia, and it costs me RM36 (USD$9) each + free shipping. I heard that you can get it RM10 cheaper in Mr. DIY Malaysia, but I never found any. I bought 3 Glam Caddies from this seller in Lazada [who is no longer in Lazada], 2 of them are perfectly fine but the other one has a problem; missing items [2 items were not in the box]. Hariz tried to call the seller but nobody answered. I did Whatsapped the seller [named Min from SS Asia] about it and he/she just read my message, no replies and the next thing I know I've been blocked; even though the seller stated in his note that the item is under the seller's 1-day warranty, and I contacted him during working hours and the item was still in warranty. [Y u liddis bro] So I decided to report to Lazada and they gave me an instant refund RM40 voucher. I'm not sure if you can ask for cash refund [I think you can ask them about that], but I'm good with the voucher. No fuss at all so yay, thank you Lazada Malaysia! Hariz❤️ will try to fix that poor Caddy later, so we'll see how it goes. Heh heh heh heh

This Glam Caddy is small and compact, it will instantly get everything organized and it rotates too! So awesome. Despite of what happened, I'm still happy with my purchase!
This is what it looks like when it's empty, with the drawer out. The main reason I bought this is because I'm planning to get my hands on Tarte's Holiday 2016 double-sided brushes collection so this drawer is the best storage that I could think of to store the brushes without damaging the brushes, since it's two-sided-brushes brushes. [Damn, hahaha] It's so amazing I feel like buying more so I can put one in the toilet, one for Mama, one for the cats, urghhh!
On the top there are two compartments with lids, which is amazing. You can either flip up the lid to store foundation bottles or anything, or flip down the lid by storing small stuffs in it like cotton pads for example. What I did was, I stored my perfume samples in one compartment [lid's down] and makeup bottles in the other [lid's up].
As you can see, I stored all of my mini product samples in this storage so I can try out all of them because trust me, you won't know what you have if you keep them all in boxes or drawers, even if they're acrylic. On the box it stated that it could holds up to 200 items, which is possible. I don't know exactly how much makeups I put in mine [nope I won't count], but it is incredible enough to hold so much products. I'm obsessed with it, it just made my makeup storage and my dressing table so much better and organized.
So that's my review. If you're looking for a great makeup storage, look no further! Totally recommend this Glam Caddy. It's awesome, it makes me happy and I bet you gonna love it too! (: xx

------- UPDATED . Oct 7, 2016 -------

Few days after I complained to Lazada, Min replied my Whatsapp and asked about the missing parts. Today, a week after the incident, I've received a parcel that contains the missing items. My Caddy is now in a perfect condition! Thank you Min for responding and thanks again Lazada.

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