Beauty Reviews 08

Blush blabs! I don't really pay attention to blushers, to be honest. These 2 [NARS Dual Intensity Blush in PANIC & TARTE Tarteist Blush Palette] are the only blushers I bought this year and I have one Chanel cream blush stick from LES BEIGES line; Healthy Glow Sheer Colour Stick in N°21 [pink]. Boyfriend bought that one for me last year.
So far, I think Tarte has the best blusher since they last the longest [at least, to me]. I know I can't be bias since I haven't tried all blushers from the market but I'm very happy with my Tarte palette! I've tried Chanel, MAC and Dior before but boy, Tarte is the bomb! As for cream blushers, I only had Chanel and Topshop. So far, Topshop is my favourite since 2012! It's really reeeaaally pigmented and long lasting too! Finished mine but sadly Topshop Malaysia has stopped bringing Topshop Makeups in now.

I rarely touch the NARS one because it's so pretty! I JUST CAN'T HAHAHA. As you know, NARS' texture is messy-free. It's not powdery, messy like normal blush does. If you're allergic to dust or messy powder, go for NARS. And of course I got my eyes on the upcoming NARS Dual-Intensity Blush Palette! I'm gonna buy you and own you *heavy breathing*. If you're always on the run, I recommend you to NOT get any palettes from NARS. NARS palette needs you to make some time for your brush to picks up the colour. Definitely not for them who always on-the-go. NARS makes pretty makeups but to be honest, you need time to get along with their palettes. And the right brush.
As for today's recommendation, if you never try any blushers from Tarte,
maybe it's time ;) xx

------ UPDATED Nov 12, 2016 ------

I went to NARS KLCC to see the new blush palette, it was so preeeeeetty but I found it too glittery for me so I decided not to buy it :/ Good news, I just saved RM240 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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