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When it comes to face oil, I would say these two are my favourites! I've tried Tarte Maracuja Oil before I found these two. It did nothing for my face, didn't break out and didn't do miracle too. So I would say I am neutral about the Tarte one, and decided not to repurchase. After I've read reviews on this Caudalie Huile Divine Body Face Hair Oil, I've decided to give it a try! Glad I found this wonderful multi-purpose oil. It has this light and warm, woody scent. Texture very light, not thick at all! 1 spray if mix with foundation, 2 sprays without foundation. Works so well on my face and hair.

Face: Blends well with all my foundations, not sticky, moisturised my skin, absorbs quickly, doesn't stain or leave greasy mess on my pillowcase, long lasting, made my skin looks fantastic (with or without foundation), holds foundation well too! 

Hair: Doesn't leave my hair feeling oily, hair looks healthier, tames away frizz, do miracles to my hair in less that 1 minute.

Another one is from Daughter Earth Skin! RM67 per bottle, great price for such great product! Texture is quite thick, way thicker than Caudalie. All I need is just one drop for my whole face. Since the texture is thick, I usually use it as my sleeping oil/mask. It leaves my face hydrated until the next morning! No more waking-up to dull face! The scent is very therapeutic too! This natural homemade face oil is one great Malaysian product, I must say. Surprisingly, face oil is not only for dry skin. You can use face oil too, even if you have oily skin! Luckily Daughter Earth Skin has them all under one roof!

[Source: Daughter Earth Skin]
BLUE: OILY/ACNE PRONE SKIN (Grape seed, Lavender and Geranium Oil)
Good for oily to severely oily skin, acne prone, oily cheeks and t zone, whiteheads and blackheads, scars and dark marks, pimple scab.

PINK: NORMAL /COMBINATION SKIN (Cucumber Seed, Carrot Seed and Mandarin)
Good for dull/lifeless skin, uneven skin tone, dry cheeks with oily t zone, blackheads and whiteheads, scars and dark marks.

ORANGE: FOR DRY/AGING SKIN (Almond, Rose Hip, Pomegranate)
Good for dry, tired skin, skin feels tight after cleansing, saggy skin, premature aging, fine lines and wrinkles, dry patches, long hours in air conditioned places, pigmentation, scars & dull skin.

P/S: This is not a sponsored post. Will definitely repurchase both!
Got my Caudalie from Sephora, btw. (: xx

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