Beauty Reviews 06

This latest collection of Kat Von D's Shade + Light Eye Contour Quad eye palette (in RUST) was too good, I gotta purchase more from this line! Got myself two more in Plum and Sage. Thank you Babysis for the birthday treats! #LeoBabiesRock
As you can see, I haven't touched Sage yet. It's too pretty I just can't! The texture is powdery, but really pigmented. I find this KVD is slightly more pigmented than Urban Decay and easier to blend. Urban Decay was my favourite brand for eyeshadows, until I discovered these! If you ask me which one would I recommend, I would say Rust. With Rust, you can go for either smokey eyes or vibrant look/eyes. Plum (purple) and Sage (green) will only make you end up with smokey eyes, since the purple/plum and green colours are a bit too dark, especially on us with not-so-fair-Asian skin. They probably will end up looking the same, like you can't even tell if you're putting purple or green. Your eyes will just gonna end up looking smoky with dark coloured eyeshadows- that's it. Hahahaha bless you babies with fair skin.

I have to say, Kat Vond D has came up with great eyeshadows. As for the eyeliner, I prefer Stila more than KVD's. Stila is so far the best smudge-free, super long lasting eyeliner of all smudge-free & long lasting eyeliners out there. Hahaha! As for the foundation, I am aware that KVD's is thick and is made for full coverage that you can even cover your tattoo with it! You have to mix it with one drop of face oil before you put it on your face, to make it easier to blend. I didn't get one for myself because I still have my Marc Jacobs. Will talk about my favourite face oil later in the next post!

What's you favourite from KVD? (: xx

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