Beauty Reviews 05

I'm not a pro when it comes to contouring but that doesn't mean I don't fancy contour kits! :D

Anastasia Beverly Hills CREAM Contour Kit
COLOR: Medium
PROS: IT IS SO PRETTY TO LOOK AT! Easy to blend, very creamy.
CONS: Made my face looking very orange, over-tanned. Doesn't suit my Asian-yellow-skin-tone.
Australis AC On Tour CREAM Kit
COLOR: Light
PROS: Pretty good for such affordable price, actually.
CONS: Too light for my yellow skin tone. Probably suits people with fairer skin.
Australis AC On Tour POWDER Kit
COLOR: Light
PROS: Easy to blend, unlike ABH Powder Contour Kit. Pigment is good. My favourite so far!
CONS: Messy texture, very powdery. Refer [Beauty Reviews 02]

P/S: Basically, it’s all depends on your skin tone and what kind of look you want to put on. I cannot give you the exact or fair reviews on these items as you have to try it yourself, and again depends on what kind of look you want to have.

For beginners like me, it is better to start with powder contour kit. DO NOT buy cream contour, unless if you’re a pro. It is way easier and faster to use powder cream contour.

If you’re in Malaysia, please check out Sendayu Tinggi Highlight and Contour Kit [Rm48]. You can get it from selected Watsons or through their official website. I’ve tried the tester and surprisingly, the texture was amazingly pigmented and easy to blend. However, the highlight powder is a white pigmented powder, which you can use for baking during contouring process. DO NOT expect the white highlight to be all glittery-kind-of-highlight like Mary Lou Manizer. IT IS NOT that kind of highlighter. I would get myself one too if I didn't have the Australis Kit :)

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