Beauty Reviews 04

Toners talk! Here are some face spray/toners I’ve tried and this is what I think!

LUSH Breath of Fresh Air
PROS: Lush is the best place for skin care, if you ask me! *hands down* This toner works great with my skin as it keeps my skin moisturized and soft. I’m using this toner along with Herbalism Face-Cleanser (to calm my redness or whenever I have breakouts) and Angels On Bare Skin Face-Cleanser (if I want to exfoliate away my dry skin, best for sensitive skin). It really worked on reducing my redness, so no complain about this one!
— This is my 3rd bottle. Definitely will repurchase!

KORA Organics Balancing Rose Mist
PROS: Worked on my body! It keeps my body skin feeling supple, fresh and soft! Also it smells so much of rose and floral scents, which I love.
CONS: Very, Very expensive so obviously it is not affordable to me (AUD$44 = RM140). It’s better to get other Kora products for such price. Probably the ingredients are too rich for my face, I had breakouts on the next morning after I used this mist on the night before. Thought I was wrong and probably the breakouts were caused by something else so I decided to give it another try, but same thing happened. Therefore I can only use the mist for my body and not my face.
— Will not repurchase.

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence
PROS: Making my face looking supple, radiant and fresh. Nothing more, probably I’m too young to try SK-II, since it seemed to work well on my 45 years old aunty. I think I need to start considering trying SK-II when I reach 30 or something.
CONS: It’s an okay toner and definitely not worth the price. I see no differences. Nothing good, nothing bad. NOTHING. If you really wanna go for pitera essence/toner, you can try MISSHA’s Time Revolution First Treatment Essence. I heard it’s a great dupe for SK-II; price range –almost the same but slightly cheaper but better.
— Will not repurchase.

Mustika Ratu Penyegar Sari Mawar (Rose Tonic Water – for dry & sensitive skin)
PROS: I love almost everything from this Indonesian brand! If you enjoy authentic scented products (it reminds me of Bali. Haha) you will love this! Awesome product for very affordable price! Probably around RM10 in Malaysia? You can get it in Giant, Tesco or the pharmacies. I love how cooling it feels on my skin. Instead of cleansing the excess oil off my face, this toner leaves my skin feeling fresh too!
CONS: They don’t do miracles.
— Will repurchase.

LUSH Eau Roma Water 
PROS: Really cooling and refreshing, especially when you keep it in the fridge. Does not irritate my dry skin and does not dry it out. This toner is a lovely, gentle face mist/toner. Lightly hydrates the skin and keeps it looking fresh. Smells amazing too! (Rosy smell, of course! :P)
CONS: I usually love Lush products but unfortunately this toner let me down. Truth is, I don’t feel like this toner does much to my skin. It’s just another overpriced toner that does nothing much than a normal, way affordable toner does. As a Lush toner, to me this item is not very impressive.
— Will not repurchase.

P/S: Bear in mind, this is a personal review. Different people with different skin types will definitely get different results. :)

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