My Aries Man Turns 25

Some people say being in a relationship is hard. Girls and boys differ in so many things such as opinion- that leads to never ending arguments. Of course, I gotta agree on that. But then again, it’s how you deal with all these fights that makes all the difference; even though Hariz was always the one who dealt with all the fights and I was the one who easily got mad.

Today is my man’s 25th birthday! I am so incredibly blessed to be his lady. Since it’s his special day, I thought I’d take a minute to brag on him just a little bit :P
I’m so blessed that a Queen raised my man! He’s always two or three steps ahead. It's one of the things I love most about him. I love to watch him takes on the responsibilities on his shoulders and not afraid to go against the flow. He is passionate and very well determined. He’s like a talking encyclopedia; discovery and history channels combined. My daily source of news. Who needs Awani App when you have Hariz :P The one who fixes whatever I damaged. The one who tolerates my clumsiness. The one who listens to my endless stories and gossips. Always does his best in whatever tasks he works on. Oh, he is so committed to our “friendship” as well. (HAHAHA friendship. HAHAHAHA) He always starts the day with a “Good morning, Sayang” and ends it with “I love you”, even though it's almost 5 years already. Always call me in the afternoon every day to check whether I have eaten or not; even though I always asked you to stop questioning me. Ya lah, I haven't eat and you ask some more why haven't eat. Wanna die is it. Hungry people are the worst people, y'know. Despite of how annoying you are, you're still my favourite human being.

Happy birthday to my boyfriend who stuck with me since 2011.
Hope you have a birthday as great as you, Boo Boo! :*

Hugs and kisses,
Your biggest #kipassusahmati.


The Elle Next Door said...

This is SUCH a cute post hun, I love personal posts where a blogger just says what they think. Hope your bf had a fab birthday!


IllyIllyana said...

Thanks, Elle! Hope he did! :D