When In Rome

I remember when I first touched down Rome, Italy, I was so amazed by the historic city. So many buildings rang gazillions bells to me- all thanks to Lizzie McGuire the Movie though. My body was worn out. 5 hours flight delay was no joke, but the fog was too bad and got all flights in Stansted Airport delayed. As soon as we landed in Ciampino Airport, we took a coach to the Termini Station (bus/train central station) in the city, before we took a cab to the hotel. The taxi driver was being a taxi driver though, he took the long turn and charged us €20. (..bitch..) But what else can we do, we were too tired to argue. Not with an Italian of course. On the bright side, we had the chance to see the city at night before we reached our hotel.

We spent our 2 nights in Domus Romana Hotel, which was not that far from the tourist spots, probably around 20 minutes walk to the Roman Forum. It was one of the cheapest hotel I can get within such area. Surprisingly, our jaw dropped once we opened our hotel room’s door. When you walk into the room, there’s the bathroom on the right- ridiculously huge thing with a tub, a showerhead across from each other, with roman arts wallpaper on the ceiling; giving you the Roman vibes. Past the bathroom is the bedroom, with 2 super Singles, a flatscreen, and a balcony.

The balcony, oh man. I can just sit there for hours. I’ve heard honks, and shouts, and laughter, some soulful music; it felt so surreal. That was the kind of moment where my mind and body were too tired for anything and I never even wanted to come out on the balcony in the first place. But there I was, and I didn’t wanna go back inside. Going back inside means letting that moment come to a close. It felt so amazing, introspective moments like this that I found myself wondering, how many more moments like this I could’ve had, could’ve made, could’ve stolen for myself if I decided to go back to Malaysia.

Beautiful, isn’t it?
These moments, however fleeting, when we were alone yet surrounded by people. When it was full of noises but felt so quiet at the same time. At ease, perhaps sitting in the shadows, watching the world and marveling at our place in it. The significance we ascribe to our lives, even as we acknowledge its relative insignificance. Knowing my parents, everything will be the same, exactly just like before I left. But realizing a little more now, it is better for me to stay in Malaysia and get my head together. There are responsibilities I have to take care of; which I’m not sure what to feel about that. [ VIDEO ]
Either way, I’m still looking forward to our next quiet moment together, Roma.