It's Our 4th!

Here’s the story about the bouquet.

Around 04:50 in the evening, I received a call from an unknown number asking— “Hello, is this Miss Illyana?”— “Yes,” — “Are you home? Because someone sent you a package. I’m right in front of your house right now. Can you come out for a while?”.

OH MY GOD THAT WAS CREEPY. So I asked him, “Package from who?” — “Shazmm..?” — “Who?” — “Shazmm..mmm”. Okay so this is going nowhere I have no idea who Shazmmm is so I decided to open the door to see who is it and I saw the tiffany blue box on my post box. I KNOW THAT BOX MUST BE FROM HARIZ! I opened the grill and walked towards the guy. He was soaked to the skin because of the rain. Oh, poor guy. The moment I was about to say thank you, dad got home and he was starring at the guy suspiciously. Dad even took some photos of the guy’s car, plate number and gave him 2 honks! *cries*

“Thank you,” I said and he smiled, “No Problem!” and ran back to his car. I took the flower and ran into my room before dad gets in. Hahahaha and of course, once he gets in, he called me and ask who was that guy. He got me red-handed man tak boleh lari lah. Hahaha so I told him, Hariz sent me flowers and that was the delivery man. “Where’s the flower? I wanna see”. I took out the flower and he took a picture of it. “What is it for?” — “Today is our 4th year,” — “4th year…?” — “Ya lah, 4th year together,”. Dad was typing something in his Whatsapp.

Masha Allah.

Anyhow, I still feel bad towards the delivery guy so I sent him a text.
ZHARIF? His name’s Zharif? I thought he was Chinese? Okay maybe he’s Chinese looking guy kan who knows. When I was thinking about sarcastically thanking Ayep (Hariz’s friend) for sending me the flower since they share the same name— ZHARIF, Hariz told me that— Ayep was the one who helped him placing the order since his internet connection wasn’t that good back there in Binalonan. OH MY GOD HAHAHA

I’m not sure if this some kind of curse or something but if you remember, 2 years ago when I was in Nottingham, Hariz sent me a bouquet and the delivery guy was waiting for me outside of my apartment, IN THE RAIN TOO! (Click here) Oh my, I feel so bad for that old guy, it was raining heavily and he just stood there with the flowers, in the rain. Shout out to all deliverymen! If you ever received any orders from Hariz with my name on it, please prepare yourself with umbrellas! You can never guess what’s gonna happen. :p

To Hariz, thank you so much for all the love you showered me with. Hope you like the explosion box I made for you. HAHAHAHA yes people, I made that cheesy d.i.y. (explosion box)! Oh my, only God knows the struggles and oh, those youtube nights. Thank you Ika and Banana for bearing with me. WE’VE MADE IT! Oh, I made some love origamis too! Hohohohoho :p

P/S: Turned out the delivery guy had problems in pronouncing Shazmin when I asked him who sent the package earlier. But still, Shazmin is my name, not the sender! xD

Flowers by : You and No Other

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