iPhone Fever

Salam Ramadhan and goooooood evening!

Out of all of my iPhones, iPhone 6 would be the most memorable one! Here’s why...

End of 2014, it was that time again, when Apple launched their new iPhones; iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. And of course, Apple got me totally jazzed for the new Space Grey! Silently praying for a miracle to happen until one day, Dad came up with this; “I’ll buy the iPhone 6 if you pay me RM1,000 each,”. I guess he got fed up with lil bro who kept posting about it in the family’s whatsapp group but who cares! Yeay! Thanks kiddo.

But hey, things just got better few weeks later. On January 2015, I wasn’t sure what really happened but something must have knocked his head really hard. Dad decided to buy one too for Hariz, on his (Dad's) birthday! Like, seriously?! Oh God trust me, I still can’t brain THIS ‘til today. 
Miracles do happen! With God’s willing of course. Hehehe Alhamdulillah. I’m happy for you, Beau. Now now, no more excuse for not Facetiming me! :P

Guess, Dad has found his new favourite son hey?