Twenty Fifteen

Hey hey!

It’s been a while hey?

Well, I was on Tumblr for like… months now? But nothing can beat Blogspot! I just hate how people just reblog stuffs instead of writing real posts though. But some posts were just too funny I had to reblog it, too! :P

It’s been almost a year now, since I submitted my final assignment as a University student last year. Probably gonna do some throwbacks soon. So many to share! Why didn’t I go for my Australian Holiday and Working Visa, how I came up with an Instashop, on what logical reasons I ended up being an insurance agent, and so much more! How mysterious life is! You can never guess what/how your future looks like. Was a media student for almost 5 years and look where I am now? 

Oh by the way, have I told you that, Mr. Boyfriend met my parents? I KNOW RIGHHTTT. That just reminds me how old I am now! >;( Oh well, life goes on. :P 

Happy Friday, everyone! x