London Calling

So, we had our "weekend-getaway" in London last weekend (16/11). Thanks Alexa for having us! One night in London is definitely not enough but fair enough to get some ideas what is London like. Definitely heading down to London again for New Year since my brother is coming to London next month. EEEK!!

P/S: Camera is being a bit bitchy lately. Time to get a new one, maybe... :/


Urban Outfitters Nottingham Launch Party

Got myself an invitation to the Urban Outfitters Nottingham Launch Party last week. Free entry, free drinks, photo-booth, transfer-tattoos parlour, all free! What's not to love hey?(⌒▽⌒)

P/S : Sorry for the bad quality. All photos taken by iPhone, unedited, except for the frames. (´∪`*)


Pemergianmu Tiada Ganti

A great soul serves everyone all the time.
A great soul never dies.

There are no goodbyes for us.
Although it’s difficult today to see beyond the sorrow,
may looking back in memory help comfort us tomorrow.

Wherever you are,
you will always be in our hearts.
Jakarta wont be the same without you.

Om Erwan, you will never be forgotten.

May you rest in peace.


Rumah Duka Heaven, Jakarta. Thursday; Nov 15.



Source : BBC

I might have to cancel all the plans to the Europe since winter is coming (Oops, wrong timing!). Travel warnings have been out as UK is going to brace for severe storm and rain. Honestly the wind storm is quite scary though. Sometimes the wind can go up to 112km/h! Seeing my friends stranded here and there 'cause of the storm, guess I need to re-plan something else out soon, hopefully.

You may watch the video here : CLICK ME!

Anyhow, still excited to see the snowflakes. I've seen snow when I went to Japan last time but not the snowflakes. Hopefully I'll get the chance to see one before I leave England! I went to Beijing before with my family, was really excited waiting for the snowflakes as the tour guide told us it's gonna snow anytime soon but hey, it snowed right after we board the flight home. (-̩__-̩)
Oh yes, I can now scratch Halloween out! Finally I can tick Halloween off from my bucket list! It was kinda exciting to go to a Halloween party here. I mean, the people here take dressing-up seriously when it comes to themed events, which what I've been looking for. Thought of taking tons of picture but it was really packed! And I don't think my cute little digital camera will be able to take any good pictures. I've been eyeing this one corpse bride at the party. She's probably my favourite for the night. (Oops!) Plus, the party came with a pretty interesting "background-story", besides of free entry all night!

"Recently discovered under Coco Tang is a network of ancient caves, that some believe to be haunted by the tormented souls of tortured men, the headless bodies of beheaded convicts and the restless souls of their victims. The caves form part of the extensive network that runs under Nottingham and have been undiscovered until now. They run straight under the dance floor in the heart of Coco Tang…and we’re determined to keep the ghosts and ghouls up all night. Our doors creak open at 8pm and the mayhem goes on well into Halloween. Enter Coco Tang through the spiders’ nest where the undead (that’s you!!) can collect a FREE trick or treat shot before 11pm. Descend in to the devilish fun and party right through the witching hour,".

I've also recorded some of the party-deco that caught my eyeballsz : CLICK ME!

Its probably not something that I proud of but its more on my own self-satisfaction. Oh please don't get me wrong. Even mi padre once said when I was little, "When I was younger, I went here and there without telling your grandma or else I wouldn't experience whatever that I have experienced and I have no regret,". [^._.^]ノ彡

Note to my future kids: I can smell whatever you're doing, kid. Just don't let me catch you.