Once a Lion

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(Once a Lion)

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Title :
Once a Lion

Genre :

Summary : 
A young man finds himself broken after a desperate battle between his sanity and a drug, personified
through the irresistible seduction of a woman. He fights to hold onto every inch of his will in order to
overcome the mercurial nature of her seduction.

Words by the Director : 
A massive thank you to Murdoch University, our Executive Producers Brendan Briggs and Johnny
Mac. Also a big thank you to all the people that helped out in the production. Nathan Mewett and
Gemma Hall in TSU, Tony Barron, for letting us occupy your home for a few weeks, Cassie Fay and
Emily Thomas, for hair and makeup and to all the extras who came along as well! It was a lot of fun!

Once a Lion from Illy Illyana on Vimeo.

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