This is My Gym

Yay me for staying in the city, but oh noooo no no noo no nooooo for the fact that my campus is located in the suburb. But hey, look at the bright side. Now I have reasons to travel to the suburb instead of just walking around the city, right? 15 minutes walk to the bus stand, 30 minutes travel, 10 minutes walk to class. **Crossing out "Gym"**. So here's some pictures I've documented yesterday. Presenting, my everyday-journey to class.

And this is The Glasshouse, the apartment I'm staying in. And as you can see, Aldi, is a supermarket, which makes my life easier. :P
And yes, that's the kitchen, the bar, the toilet, the bedroom, the view from my room and the distance of the toilet from my room's door. 

And yes, it MATTERS!


Ur cuzen yg menyibuk sokmo guess who..haha said...

Ur apartment looksss......so mahal!!
Nape jauh benor dr uni?
Takde yg lebih dekat ek?

IllyIllyana said...

but cheaper than aussie's hostel. oh sebab kaws uni tu ada rumah sewa je. ni private student accomodation, ada kat city je. :'(

Zil said...

Cantik...cantik! Way better than Perth...tinggal sana terus la. Hehehe! ;)

IllyIllyana said...

Thanks Zila. really hope I can enjoy Europe with my Perth babies. :( HAHAHA no doubt the town is really classy! The views are breathtaking. But honestly I prefer Perth if I want to settle down, serious!