Off to Queen's Land

G'day mate!

Sept 16 ; today, me and amor, Hariz, went to the same airport, but boarded different flights. Yeah, being in a long-distance-relationship sucks but hey, thank God for the internet and Facetime. :P
So here I am, in the city of Robin Hood ; Nottinghamshire. 14 hours flight, 2 hours transit. Yes, it was the longest flight I ever board. Travelling from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Dubai was good. Got one empty seat besides me, which made it two seats for me. My flight from Dubai to Birmingham got delayed for almost an hour but still, it was okay, but not that pleasing since I have to sit besides this one steeewpid pervert. I was sweating eventhough it was 12degrees here in Birmingham, running here and there dragging my 26kg luggage searching for the train station. I did ask people around but nobody knows where! Shops were closed. Information counter was closed. All closed! Til I met this one lady from the Car Rental, so she showed me the way. So I took the train from the airport to Birmingham New St to change train. The elevator was broken, the stairs were like Everest-height. Thank God for these nice English chaps, they helped me with my luggage. THERE IS NO LIFT OMG I AM GOING TO TAKE A CAB STRAIGHT TO THE AIRPORT AFTER THIS! SERIOUSLY! So since my flight got delayed, I missed the last train to Nottingham. I was doomed. Danial was suppose to pick me up at 11:30pm but I was still there in Birmingham, 1.5 hours away, no train left, no sim card to call. Only 60pennies (60cent) in my pocket, so I used 'em on public phone to ring Danial, wanted to tell him that I might take the morning train. But got into his mailbox, so the phone ate my last pennies! I dont mind if I have to take the next morning train but someone is going to fetch me but I'm not in the train! 
So I starred at the public phone. I have no wifi, no coins, nothing! Suddenly I realized there's a credit card's slot on the phone. So I put in my Amex and it works!! Just right when Danial picked up my call, "Nottingham" just popped out on the Departures board!! Next train to Nottingham in 30 minutes time!! Alhamdulillah, I got on the last train, finally! Or else, my 16pounds will be a waste. Arrived in Nottingham in an hour. Danial and his two friends, Fawwaz and Mahfuz were already there to fetch me . Nawwww. So I stayed overnight at Fawwaz's place.
The next day, Danial, Fawwaz and my high school classmate, Andrie brought me around. They even cooked for dinner! Thanks guys. And thanks Mahfuz for the ride. Really appreciate it. :)

And here I am, in my apartment, finally. It's 10 degrees over here in the city of Nottingham, and I don't have any pillows or blanket whatsoever so I'm using my backpack as my pillow and kain telekung (this white clothes Muslim women wear to pray) as my blanket. Sounds pitiful but hey, I'm in England!!





Kak ida ur cuzen said...

Wow...u so brave lah cuzen!!!
Tp adventurous!
Take care!

IllyIllyana said...

HAHAHA your name aiyo so funny. Hahaha will do Kak Ida. Thanks :)

Zil said...

Omg! What an adventure! I'm proud of you that you made it through. Boleh buat drama!

Take care :)

IllyIllyana said...

HAHAHA should've record everything :P if only I dont have 26-kilo lugage in hand. AISH! haha thanks zila , will do! :D