Greetings Uh-lings!

So it was June of 2013, and life had just taken an unexpected turn. My winter of 2013 was both wonderful and awful. For me it started out great! In fact, day one was amazing. I can finally sleep without any alarms on. I finally made it to the North-side, visited both Lancelin Sand Dunes and Pinnacles Desert. Sand dunes was awesomeeee! Sandboarding, never thought it would be so much fun! Pinnacles Desert, well a land of desert is still a desert but hey, I watched the most beautiful sunset ever in my life! I gotta say, Western Australia has the best sunset in the world! (For me so far :p) Will post some pictures in the desert soon. Wee!

Winter break has been good to me. Ramadhan went by smoothly, Alhamdulillah. And this time I got the chance to welcome Ramadhan with my family! Yes, I'm back in Malaysia! But it felt a bit, empty (not sure if its the right word for this) without Hariz here. Yes, he was still in Manila until one day, Amirah made a surprise during buka puasa! Suddenly got this one cinapek appeared, looking so familiar, yes! Boo boo is back for Aidilfitri! **jumping jumping**

As I woke up the next morning, the city looked the same, the people looked the same. It all looked the same. But it wasn't. In just one night, everything had changed. Raya mood is back! And followed by my birthday last Sunday, Syawal 3, I don't know about you but I'm feeling twenty two! Everything will be alright if you keep me next to you~ I wanna thank all you lovelies for all the kind wishes, your endless love and beautiful gifts! Never too old to get colorful prezziess! God bless you all, insyaAllah. Thank you so much! 

Now now, I have reached twenty two, but surprisingly, I get to discover that I still don't have life quite figured out. Even though currently I'm living in Australia, which I never dream of, working on a media degree but I'm still on a quest to find myself. The older I get, the more clueless I'd be. From having more than 5 ambitions when I was 10, now, I can't even name one. 

Well, life goes on. I believe God has a plan for me. Just gotta do what I love and make money out of it! God bless, insyaAllah! My Raya went great! It was a short one for me since we stopped going back to Kelantan since my gramma moved to KL now but I finally got to see all my pretty and gorgeous cousins, aunties and uncles, grammas and gramps. The family has grown bigger than before. Babies were EVERYWHERE! It was crazy though, to think from a girl and a boy, got married, have four kids, and they grow, and breed and our family picture size dah macam gambar sekolah!

Wow, finally A POST!! :D Anyway, I hope your Raya is going well! 'Til then!

P/S :  So, I've been asked to create a travel blog for the upcoming 6 months of European Adventures on Murdoch Exchange. Should I create a new one or just proceed on this blog? :/