Ramadhan 2013

There's a few things that annoyed me. For now I wanna talk about, Ramadhan. It's not that I am annoyed with Ramadhan but the facts that some people with their.. mindset, that got me annoyed. Alright, everyone has their rights to tell what they think and here's mine;

Some people just can't bear with them people who try to change, even if its only for a month. I think it is better if you can pray and do'a for them instead of mocking. We should be happy for those people who try their best to change, pray, fast, etc. Do you even look at yourself in the mirror? Who are you to say such thing to those people who fight with themselves to do goods and act like you are standing in the right stand? Please think before you speak. 

Personally I think your way of thinking is chasing people away from Islam. I once celebrated Ramadhan in Jakarta, and I've been to a few malls' surau there. People came in various way of dressing to perform Solat. Some with hijabs, some with rock style, some with mini dress, everyone came and perform the Solat together without judging each other or giving them "the look". Maybe we have different mazhabs, but mocking people who's doing goods isn't the right way too, don't you think so?

I celebrated the holy Ramadhan in Perth last year. It was beautiful, masyaAllah. And the same thing happened. People came to the Worship Centre with different ways of dressing. Some with fully-covered, some with short skirts, but still, everyone treated each other nicely and slowly, the short-skirts started to wear long skirts, and in the end of Ramadhan, some started came to the centre with hijabs, Alhamdulillah. I think that showed how beautiful Islam is, how friendly the Muslims are, welcoming everyone to break iftar, sometimes they invited their non-Muslims friends to come and sit with us. And some just randomly came and asked whether they can come in to see how we break our iftar and perform Solat. And yet, some Malays are being so racist, that we can't even asked our Singaporean-malays friends to join our event and such. Pendek kata nak cakap, belajar tinggi-tinggi sampai Australia pun still terbawa-bawa perangai racist kampung tu. Ini satu lagi. -.- But that's another story. 

So I wonder, why can't we Malay be like that? Why are we so... judgy? 

Marhaban ya Ramadhan.

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