A Toast to My Man

Hello there lovely creatures.

First, I wanna thank you to his dearly mother for birthing, this guy who has a rather large head and a very enormous heart. (:

You are a very special young man. A loving boyfriend, responsible son and brother, interesting cousin, and a good friend. And this is a toast from me, on your big day. Sorry for not planning any surprise but this is the least that I could do. (I don't think I can even plan a surprise for you if we both were in Malaysia :p) 

You are the guy that I know who works hard for everything and strives ahead regardless of the struggles and obstacles. And when I say everything, I mean … e-ve-ry-thing. ;) You are one of the smartest person that I know. (Okay maybe after Abah :p But for our age, you're a very informative person that I ever know) You are the touchstone in my life (And also after Abah :p). For almost 2 years we've stood by each other through the good as well as difficult challenging times. I know one year and a half is still too early to make such assumption, but I value all the times we had together since the very first post you wall-ed me. :p I love your sense of humour. All the lame jokes, even though I didn't get what you meant sometimes but I'm glad you have the skill. Aside from your lamentable quirks of character :p, you are a friend, a real one. You're always there when I need you, offering practical advice on just about everything (which is sometimes quite annoying :p). But you're not a mere theorist who only know how to talk but you walk your talk and walk it tall. You are larger than life in so many ways. Nobody makes me as annoyed as you do. I love the silly things that you do. Who else would Skype me and wears a girl's (d.i.y.) dress. 

Thank you for accepting me for who I am, a mad, neurotic mess of a woman. Who has no expression whenever you start to talk about facts but all ears when she needs one. The girl who never know how to multi-task, and blame you for it (and probably many other things that I can't recall :p). Thank you for allowing me to be me and still loving me in spite of it. You give me the strength that I need to get through my every day. I am proud of you and for everything that you have accomplished. You've taught me how giving up is not an option. I am forever grateful of the love that we share. 

22 birthdays, that's, well, quite a whole lot of living. Good enough to establish the character of a young man, to know who he is. Mohd Hariz, you are a very unique man I have to say. And tonight before my group discussion tomorrow, I am gladly putting aside my grumbles about my assignments, and assignments, and more assignments, to honour you. Happy birthday, Sayang. May Allah SWT bless you and your family always and give you the best the Dunya and Afterlife can offer. 


P/S : I am aware that there's alot of :p in the toast but I really did that, while typing. :p

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