My Beautiful Charm

Since charm bracelets has become the new pink, so Hariz suddenly popped the question. 
- "I see lots of girls keep posting about pandora charms from their bfs. Do you want one?"

What kind of question is that? So I starred at him, and he continued.
- "... So you can post it on instragram too," 

It tickled my heart when I heard that from his mouth. Was quite shocked too though. Never thought he had such thought in the head. Honestly, I never dream of owning the bracelets though (maybe not yet) and still don't understand why everybody has gone coo-coo about it. But not-so-secretly I was digging for some new bags and I think he knew, (OF COURSE HE KNEW) so he continued ... 
- "Do you want a bracelet or a handbag?"

He keep on asking, since he saw almost everyone in my timeline keep posting about "bracelets from lovee". 
- "Of course I want a handbag! What kind of question is that?!". 

Haha so that's the story of my first KK collection. 

P/S : Let's just hope they don't throw the bottles down and make any disturbing noise tonight. (14/2)

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