Hey, It's All Good.

It's been ages since the last time I played with this "Photo Booth" thingy. I even forgot how to pout. LOL! The non-stop notifications from the uni and the unit's group is kinda scary, since I'm still in my first year in Murdoch. I don't know many people in my unit, or even who that I might know in it, and we have to form a group before the semester starts with scripts and sets of storylines. Maaa, I wanna cryy :'( 

Okay the result for the programme is finally out. I didn't get my chance to pursue my American dreams since I screwed my Screen Texts paper. But on the bright side, I've been offered to do my exchange programme to Nottingham Trent University in the UK. Will be attending the scholarships-interview prolly this Feb. InsyaAllah, with Allah's (SWT) will, I will fly to the UK this July for one semester. Hopefully Abah will let me to extend my semester 'til December. BOXING DAY WEH! But it's quite far from London :/ 2 hours train lor. Should've put Ittacha College London as my second choice tho :p So since I'm trying to get my ass in the programme, I guess I can't ask Abah for a car then.  *sob sob sob* Was thinking of getting the $1k car but I have phone plan to pay, and churros, and my Dome salmon, and coats, and Rubi shoes, sssshhhiyt. I don't think I can pay for the car service and tank. *cries* It's kinda sad to go back since the weather is effing hot over there and the facts that I have to go back with my sad meals. How I wish I can bring my maid along. I NEED A CHEF! 

Writing this with M&M's in hand feels quite, .. nice. But I can't stop myself from thinking about fried chicken, or chicken chop, or Ayam Uncle Bob, anything that has to do with chicken, it's all in my head. I gained two kilos in Malaysia. But I don't blame the chicken. They're the best thing that keeps me sane.  I love chicken. NO. I really, really, reaaaaly love chicken. I'm the biggest fan of chicken you ever know! Chicken curry, chicken kebab, chicken penyet (eh), chicken fingers, chicken balls, chicken wrap, its almost 01:00am here. I really should hit the sacks. Heading to Gold Coast Sepang tomorrow! Stay tuned for the amazing shots from Gold Coast. (Amazing kerrrrr..?) Went there once and I just fell in love with everything they have there. But the only thing that really annoy me is-- THERE IS NO PHONE LINES!! Not even one bar! Cannot use Instagram oh so sadd. Cannot tweet. Cannot whatsapp. Aishhhhhhh

Have a great weekend, everybody. Salam! xx

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