Wicked Taste for Troubles

Slept late and it was barely day anymore when I woke up. Had the most shattering nightmare. So devastating, I’m almost worried I may have severe psychological problems I just don’t remember having. Am I? 

I knew that when the last drop of patience was gone, my heart would stop beating, and I wouldn’t be able to take a breath. And then my heart did stop so I stood up, and started to chase my cat. Yes, I have a cat now. And another one. But that one is my brother’s. I don’t have any strong explanations for that but it feels kinda good to see those scared face she made. LOL. Wow, my heart is thumping as I’m writing this down. In fact. It feels kind of good. I think I like nightmares. Not. After my excellent nightmare, I was feeling all productive, to blog. So I took my Mac and all set to take on the day. I mean, night. Since I have wasted my days on Potat, holidays, dates, hangouts, Potat again, Bambam, food, and more food, and so on, so I think I am now ready to post something up. Since it’s been a while since the last time I had this kind of feeling. All those old hatred seems like coming back to me now. Oh by the way, Potat is the nickname of my new Persian baby, Potato, that was given by Hariz. And Bambam or Tembam is one gangster-orange cat, which I don’t know where did he come from, but whatever it is, he’s one of us now. 

I am now thinking seriously of ditching this sickening place. I’m blaming this place because I’m trying my best to not say anything against the people here, that I might regret later. Went down to the city, hoping something would make me feel better but I found nothing. Got myself so worked up into fake-missing people who might not even exist anymore that I even cried a little fake tear, then got irked at myself for being such a crybaby. No point getting sentimental until at least I know what’s I’m missing. After all, maybe I’m better off alone and do my own stuffs, in my own way, and that’s including my beauty sleeps. Oh yes, need to start planning of migrating now. When I got over my fake-pity ‘party’, I picked up Potat and clean her butt. I don’t have anything else to do than cleaning her shit everyday (Okay, not all the time lah. What’s the use of having a maid here ;p). Sometimes I feel like 2-months of summer break is just not enough but sometimes I feel like changing my flight to tomorrow. But after thinking how high the temperature in Australia right now, eeer I’ll pass. I kind of lost track of time, I guess. I sort of took a nap lying out here and there. The laziness is taking its toll on me noooow. I am now the biggest, laziest bum you’ve ever known. And now I wanna thank my boyfriend for being such a wonderful and loving driver of mine ;p. Yipeee! For a sec, I miss home. When I’m home, I started to remember all the reasons why I left. And still am thinking of leaving this place. Fake people are everywhere here. When I said everywhere, I really meant EVERYWHERE. But what I can say is, guess I’m not that laaaaame yet to like what other people pretend to love, so yeaaaaaah. Have a good sleep everybody.