Friday, Friday

Greetings earthlings! Bang bang is back, people! Fringe buat I nampak tua :p So tonight my dream has come true. I really really really wanted to greet and hi people since my housemates are very busy in their room. And tonight, we had this Speed Meet BBQ. Its almost the same like Speed Date, people has to move from a chair to another and greet everybody. We were given 1 minute for each person, so yeah… That went well. So I have met some bunch of people from Germany, Swiss, US, the locals, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Sweden, and Africa. I would say it was nice but, yeah. Too much for the record, I’m so exhausted! But yeah, finally I can greet people and hi everybody. What a relief! :p What a day well spent with my new chicks, Kay and Zhi En. It's time to get to know Perth City more. I guess? Was thinking of going to the beaches but it's winter right now. And must explore the desert as well! Whoa, good thing I don't have many class this semester. Teehee! Fully packed tomorrow. Caversham Wildlife Park Tour in the morning and Wigged Awesome Party at night. Wig up, people! Geez, what a way to spend the weekend. Until then :)

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