1st Syawal 1433

After I had my actual shower of the day, I Facetimed Hariz while cooking pasta with rendang ayam and vege popiah for today's pot luck! Kinda mixed up though, pasta and rendang ayam? Like what the fish lah kan. And my Facetime session went on followed by his atuk, aunty, uncle, and his parents, live from Singapore. Ummi membuli lah siaaaal. Jaga lu mat :p Oh btw, sempat bergambar with Atuk. Hariz je tak sempat. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA :p Pot luck went great! We really stuffed our face with foods, sweets, and gossips! It was definitely a good day well spent. For a moment, we were glad for being here during Raya. Can't imagine if we have to go for like, 5 more houses with such amount of food, or more? We even barely walk home! Too full! Like I said, it was a good day well spent. Pardon my face, I was doing the dishes! Pffffffffffft- So yeah, Salam Aidilfitri/Eid Mubarak to all Muslims from the Australia! Until then, salam :)

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