Ceroc Perth Annual Ball

I am officially a VIDEOGRAPHER!! :'D


Salam Perantauan

When KTJs reunite. [From left; Me, Adila, Ashraf and Izzah]

P/S : 4 houses on second Raya, from Rossmoyne to West Cannington.
SUPER-BLOATED!! But it was fun tho. ^^


1st Syawal 1433

After I had my actual shower of the day, I Facetimed Hariz while cooking pasta with rendang ayam and vege popiah for today's pot luck! Kinda mixed up though, pasta and rendang ayam? Like what the fish lah kan. And my Facetime session went on followed by his atuk, aunty, uncle, and his parents, live from Singapore. Ummi membuli lah siaaaal. Jaga lu mat :p Oh btw, sempat bergambar with Atuk. Hariz je tak sempat. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA :p Pot luck went great! We really stuffed our face with foods, sweets, and gossips! It was definitely a good day well spent. For a moment, we were glad for being here during Raya. Can't imagine if we have to go for like, 5 more houses with such amount of food, or more? We even barely walk home! Too full! Like I said, it was a good day well spent. Pardon my face, I was doing the dishes! Pffffffffffft- So yeah, Salam Aidilfitri/Eid Mubarak to all Muslims from the Australia! Until then, salam :)


Beyond Coma and Despair

Since I'm doing my degree in Screen Production, we've been exposed to different genres of movie. From one to another movie, my head is almost explode! The movies are so hard to process. (critical thinking mode ON) Besides of being busy with the movies, and reports and the clients, and reports (Now that I have another client, will get to that later) in some ways, it has opened my eyes to see what's happening and to realize where we actually standing right now. People die every second. People see their mother, father, loved ones, being raped or shot or burned in front of their bare naked eyes everyday. I know it sounds cliché, but it's tiring and depressing to see how another country works. Corruptions, youth rebellions, protagonist and such, be thankful for what you have. People get shot for many reasons, and some with no reason. Children with real guns, with such mindset; I smoke, I snort. I've been begging on the street since I was just a baby. I've cleaned windshields at stop lights. I've polished shoes, I've robbed, I've killed. I ain't no kid, no way. I'm a real man. 

 While in the Middle East, people get killed randomly. Or shall I say, by luck? It's crazy, man! No words can describe, no one can tell you what's happening until you see it with your own eyes. People get struck by disgrace. They don't mourn over death anymore. Death is never the end of the story. And we're here, living the easiest life, still crying over an iphone. (;p) 

And I'm back on my chair, thinking how powerful 'third cinema' is. Landing my jaw on the desk, starring at the professor without an idea what he's mumbling about. Quite an intense ride, but worth every second. To be a Speilberg is hard after all.


August 11

I want to dedicate this day to both my parents, Mama and Abah for bringing me into this world, for the good food, for the lectures, for the memories and your endless love. Thank you. Doesn't matter how annoying you are sometimes (;p), I still love you both. (And please don't stalk my blog. Haha) A simple birthday dinner was more than I could ask for. All thanks to them; Adele, Kay, Dorish and Syaza. And to those who pollute my wall and phone inbox, thank you so much! 

 God bless you all :)


From Perth, With Love

It’s been a while. Been busy with stuffs and such especially my bed. I just cant get enough of it!! How I miss my holiday now and the moment when I don’t need to care about anything. Still learning to swallow every word from the lecturers. Still hard to catch up with the unstoppable accent. Lil bit pending here~ Free food during Ramadan. Awesome kan? :p Arab cuisine every night, how awesomeeeeeee ~ (To be honest, I’m not a big fan of Arab cuisine before. Oh yeah, karma rocks -.-) So much to be worried about! My client didn’t reply any of my emails and 25th is getting near and nearer. Can I cry now? My lecturers are all nice. One even suggested a movie to watch. How nice, right? :3 Well, we kindda did a lot of movie assessment here. Classic black and white type of movies! Where the aliens looked so stupid. :p But yeah, I did enjoyed “The Day The Earth Stood Still”. Ter-menarik pula movie tu :3 Thinking of staying outside next semester. Yay or nay?


On The Run

The light is turning gray, the day is done. The water is cold and heavy on my mind. Class was a mess. I'm falling to pieces. Why so hardcore oneee. Now I have to shoot a video for my very first client for their ball night. Gonna get paid $300 for the video, and $15 for each DVD that been sold, but I'm not sure if I can do it alone. Yes, ALONE! It's an individual assignment! :'( Plus, this is my first time dealing with a client? Damn scary, man. Narrating the Nation class was a total blurr! Am I the only person who don't understand a thing during lecture?! Drop to my knees and I'm pleading. I don't understang a thang! Oh meng! My brain just dropped and I'm so freaking lost here. It's hard for me to handle 3rd year subject as I'm only on my 9th day in the Uni! Got my advanced standing after credits transfer so currently I'm on my 2nd year. But still, Imma freshie here, man! I don't know if I can score but just keep praying I'll pass all the subjects. Amin~ 

"Promise me you'll think of me every time you look up in the sky and see a star 'cause I'm a space bound rocket ship and your heart's the moon and I'm aiming right at you. Right at you."