Thought of You

I've been wanting to tell you this for a long while. 

My dear,

There were days when I just broken. There were nights when I was doubting myself. I knew it wouldn't be easy but your faith in me was so clear and you kept my heart from falling, every single time. You were all ears when I just dropped and keep quiet when my words hurting you. You're the finest thing alive. Should've make you happy and proud. Even I have failed, but I won't give up, even my ego and temper took its toll on me. I don't know how to be something you gonna miss. I don't now how to be something that makes you happy. I don't know how I got here but I am now happy. So happy and grateful with all the things I have with you. Can't explain what you have done to me but you're always be the smile on my face. Soon, I'll be leaving. But tonight, I'm here to see you smile. Even we know things are going to change. Rough nights are coming. But I'll figure it out, somehow, someway. Just please, don't give up on me. Say you'll be there for me. Because I am right here, always be and always will be in love with the thought of you. My dear blessing. 

Thank you.

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