Perth City with Daddykins

 A week of orientations, tours, speed meets, BBQs and welcoming dinner for international students. So, I have met a number of Malaysians, one Vietnamese, some French and A LOT of Singaporeans. Waaaa they really make a population here. :p Oh and I met one Chinese from Maldives . Where is Maldives btw? *googling* But they seem surprised to know my name. Beautiful name, they say. Guess because of the sound of the L’s :p iL~Lyanaaaaa~ *berbelit lidah disitu* :p 

Class will be starting by next week. Perth, what can I talk about Perth eh. I have round the Perth City, Freemantle and the Perth Zoo! Generally it’s a small state with small towns and a small city. Skyscrapers are limited. Its breath-taking sceneries are as great as what I heard. The shopping life is, well, good at the moment. There’s nothing much I can find here because the town is small. Murdoch is near to Kadinya’s K-mart, which is close at 9 thank God. Halal food is, not that easy but I can say, yeaaa easy to find. You can find at least one or two halal restaurants in every building or mall. The people here are nice, friendly and very helpful. The Arabs from the restaurants are all very nice, even when they don’t really smile. They even gave us some Arab desserts for break fast for free! Prolly because they seem very surprised hearing the fact that we’re fasting. “MasyaAllah,” and “Alhamdulillah” are the two replies that I often get. Orang lain tak puasa ke :p
I love how the society works. They say thank you for, almost everything. Wait, no. For every single thing!! They say sorry for things they think they did, like accidentally pushed you, even when they didn’t. They don’t cross the road suka hati mak bapak. The public toilets are very clean! The carpark is damn expensive! (Triple harga Pavi) :p The freeway (it’s like a highway) is free. The traffic jam isn’t like KL’s. The jam is still jam but still moving. About the train system, I don’t know how they manage it, but so far what I can see is there’s no such thing like “tin sardin” here. Everyone get the chance to sit. And maybe only 3-5 people need to stand, even if it’s pick hour. Must try the train soon to know more! :p The red, blue and yellow buses in the city are free. So that you can go round the city for free! And there’s One Direction’s store for a limited time. I don’t know how long it will be there but I already bought a sweater for Achik earlier this week. 

Whaaaat else eh. The first thing I that I cook at the apartment is Maggi Beef Flavor :p Sedap kot. Sebab masak sendiri :p And I haven’t met my housemates yet. I don’t know if they even know each other because nobody’s outside of their rooms -.- Here sahur is almost the same like in Malaysia, around 5:30am should be Subuh already but berbuka is around 5:39pm. Muehehe. But it’s not really that tiring to fast here because of the weather. I’m not sure about its daytime, but at night it’s going as low as 2 celcius. (Dear my selfish heater, please heat the whole room) Guess, that’s all for now. Selamat berbuka! :)

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