Wicked Taste for Troubles

Slept late and it was barely day anymore when I woke up. Had the most shattering nightmare. So devastating, I’m almost worried I may have severe psychological problems I just don’t remember having. Am I? 

I knew that when the last drop of patience was gone, my heart would stop beating, and I wouldn’t be able to take a breath. And then my heart did stop so I stood up, and started to chase my cat. Yes, I have a cat now. And another one. But that one is my brother’s. I don’t have any strong explanations for that but it feels kinda good to see those scared face she made. LOL. Wow, my heart is thumping as I’m writing this down. In fact. It feels kind of good. I think I like nightmares. Not. After my excellent nightmare, I was feeling all productive, to blog. So I took my Mac and all set to take on the day. I mean, night. Since I have wasted my days on Potat, holidays, dates, hangouts, Potat again, Bambam, food, and more food, and so on, so I think I am now ready to post something up. Since it’s been a while since the last time I had this kind of feeling. All those old hatred seems like coming back to me now. Oh by the way, Potat is the nickname of my new Persian baby, Potato, that was given by Hariz. And Bambam or Tembam is one gangster-orange cat, which I don’t know where did he come from, but whatever it is, he’s one of us now. 

I am now thinking seriously of ditching this sickening place. I’m blaming this place because I’m trying my best to not say anything against the people here, that I might regret later. Went down to the city, hoping something would make me feel better but I found nothing. Got myself so worked up into fake-missing people who might not even exist anymore that I even cried a little fake tear, then got irked at myself for being such a crybaby. No point getting sentimental until at least I know what’s I’m missing. After all, maybe I’m better off alone and do my own stuffs, in my own way, and that’s including my beauty sleeps. Oh yes, need to start planning of migrating now. When I got over my fake-pity ‘party’, I picked up Potat and clean her butt. I don’t have anything else to do than cleaning her shit everyday (Okay, not all the time lah. What’s the use of having a maid here ;p). Sometimes I feel like 2-months of summer break is just not enough but sometimes I feel like changing my flight to tomorrow. But after thinking how high the temperature in Australia right now, eeer I’ll pass. I kind of lost track of time, I guess. I sort of took a nap lying out here and there. The laziness is taking its toll on me noooow. I am now the biggest, laziest bum you’ve ever known. And now I wanna thank my boyfriend for being such a wonderful and loving driver of mine ;p. Yipeee! For a sec, I miss home. When I’m home, I started to remember all the reasons why I left. And still am thinking of leaving this place. Fake people are everywhere here. When I said everywhere, I really meant EVERYWHERE. But what I can say is, guess I’m not that laaaaame yet to like what other people pretend to love, so yeaaaaaah. Have a good sleep everybody.




Sometimes, even though I love to write, (well.. for free writing, why not?) but it's hard for me to just sit down and make myself do it even though I can just spill anything or whatever I like but seems like I just can't find the right points to write. I don't feel sad, or mad at anyone or feeling all blue and so on. So, it's kinda hard to point out something right now. I can say that I was busy for the past few weeks (or months?) with assignments and my fucked up eating and sleeping schedule (and still am). Since I'm already on my summer holidays, I've decided to sit down and write. And when I do finally reach the point of more or less chaining myself to my laptop and forcing my fingers to spit out word after word, it almost feels like another assignment! Okay, let's start with my new baby since I've been crying and ranting about it before. So, first of all.. I want to thank my dearest daddykins for the new phone!! There you go, my very first iPhone. Can I cry? Miahahahahahaha. (Syukur alhamdulillah, tak baik riak) Thus, I will make everyone around me to get one! ;) Despite of mourning over my Screen Texts paper, turned out my short-film has been shown during the National Disability Services WA State Conference last Friday and been selected by the Activ's CEO himself to be placed in their official website. Well, at least I have something to put in my resume now :p
There are days where I sort of feel the urge to write, but I'm distracted. I keep thinking of other things I could be doing, or other things I should be doing. It's not that I don't like this course, but I can't see where I will stand in 5 years time. Obviously I can't see me as a director, oh my it tickles me whenever I think about it. Sometimes I just don't know where to start. I want to sit down and work on a piece, but all I can think about is that essays that I should start. Or finish. Or the video I need to watch so that I can answer those questions over it that will be discussed in class. Or start editing my projects. Or continue with my media journal. Degree is super tiring. And of course for a sleepyhead like me will spend any free time I have on the bed and mentally vegetate for a little while. Those science-fiction movies totally got me mentally-breakdown. And now, even though I'm done with the semester but I'm still the same. I don't know what to blog, or even where to start. What to share or what to think about.  Guess those are just poor excuses made up by a person who doesn't really want to admit being afraid. But oh, look at the bright side. I've found the two typical Australian mammals, the adorable yet extremely lazy and useless koalas and kangaroos. But the koalas were undeniably cute tho! So, I guess that's the point of their existence. Being cute. What a life. So for next semester, I'm targeting either dolphins or penguins. Or the desert. Or a gateway to Rottnest Island. Might need some extra cash for that. (Abaaaaaah~ :p) Let's see what I've been doing, minus the assignments part of course. 
Since this is my first semester here, yet I was lucky tho. Had my chance to spend the weekend to the Perth Royal Show, the annual event where you can find various exhibitions, showbags, horses breed, flea markets, mini safari, funfair, and not to forget; the nightly fireworks show. It was fun, especially when you got to spend the weekend with your favourite. (HAHAHA, OH GOD) Next is... Well, it was started when someone knocked on my door and handed me these beautiful bouquet of my favourite lilies. I was on my not-really-stable mood at that moment and I forgot what the fuss was, so I was like, "huh?". Pity that uncle, he was so semangat cakap "FLOWERS FOR YOU!!" with a big smile on his wrinkly face. Tsk tsk tsk. He was so cuak, maybe he thought he knocked on the wrong door so he took out the card, "Is this your name?" I was like, "Yeah". Oh my, it was my one year anniversary! Ngeeeeeee.. thank you, penyu. :* I was about to ask who is it from but the uncle was suddenly disappeared, my goodness! Macam ninja. But but but thank you Boo Boo. And of course sekarang bunga tu dah mati tapi bukan cintaku padamu. Aicehcehcehceh- (OH. MY. GOD.)
So, yeah. I think that's all I can recap.. for now. Oh God, what is happening to me!! Maybe I had too much of Indomee lately. Yesh, I blame you Indomee. And telur goyang. Uuuuuuuu~ Whatelse can I say, study abroad really taught me about being independent. The one that I didn't really get during diploma years even though I lived in Melaka which is 2 hours drive from home. (According to my speed, thank you.) In Melaka, I didn't cook and everything was cheap. And sedap :'( Here, I don't have a lot of choices but still, sedap. In fact, I think the food here memang lagi sedap. (Sorry to say :p) BUT- damn expensive. Just imagine I spent almost RM50 for a plate for breakfast. Sorry, I know I should stop but I still can't stop converting the prices! So, I really really really reaaaaaally need to cook, even though everything is instant but still, saya masak. Big deal! And the dishes, and the laundry, and chores. How I wish my Bibik is here with me naw :(

And we have rabbits running around student village. Some people find it cute, but some... find it... 'Til then.
Have a good day, people. Salam Maal Hijrah :)


Welcoming Spring

I admit, I sleep more than I actually awake here. Hello, Spring. Nice to meet you. At least, it's not as cold as before. My bones were mereput like shit during winter, although Perth is not as cold as the other side like Melbourne and friends. But still, saya mereput kesejukan.
Honestly speaking, assignments aren't that tough like in Malaysia, but the marking is damn strict. Plus, I have nothing like group assignments here. Semuanya individual! Oh-my-goodness. Nak meninggal buat kerja dekat sini -.- Somehow I kinda miss Malaysian food, well some of them. But honestly, the food here is more sedap and fresh! :p Sorry. Hahahaha, but still, I don't have much of a choice when it comes to meats and chickens, and lambs. Unless if you cook yourself. But hey, at least I can cook rendang and kari now :p (Shhh) I feel blessed to have a housemate that loves to bake. Thank you, ya Allah. Rezekimu mencurah curah, alhamdulillah. Hehehehe. 

Was on Viber with my cousin, Soraya last night. She got engaged a few weeks ago and prolly gonna tie the knot, insyaAllah in October 2013. So happy for her, really! And I just realised that, I signed up for student exchange programme for July 2013 intake to Washington DC, and the uni is just 40 minutes from her place! That means, if my application got accepted, I can attend her wedding! Since she's gonna get married in Burke Virginia, United States. Heard that it's cheaper to get married oversea. What do you think, Sayang? :p My dearest Drina is also getting engaged this upcoming December. My periuk is a big girl dy :') So happy for you and Hassan. Can't wait to fly back! Always forget that I'm actually 21 now. Damnn. 

As you know, iPhone 5 has been launched and how I suffered for the past 2 months without a smartphone. And I survived!! But since Sayang bought me the Nokia Asha last 2 weeks, I can finally, well at least tweet and foursquare and whatsapp, yeay! Thank you Sayang! :* Was glued to my chair for almost 2 hours last time, waiting for the livestream of the launching (And it was 1 bloody a.m. here! Lambat betul US nak siang). My heart was this close to explode. I'm so done with the countdown. Don't care if people are irritated with my iphone5 tweets. Haters gonna hate anyway :p I've been waiting for it and I'm so gonna buy it! (Be jealous, biatch) Since Abah already gave me the green light, hoyeah baby. Jangan sold out sudah. Takboleh camping, pagi tu ada presentation :( 

Life's been good. Maybe quite rough lately. With assignments due like, every week and shit. Damnson. Nak gila~ T.T Guess, I'm gonna stop at degree. No Master and PhD please. Since I watched so many critical movies here (I'm a media student, that's why), now I can slowly see how the world actually works. It's not always green on the other side. I don't know how to describe the feelings in words, but rasa macam nak mental breakdown pun ada. Kalau breakup nak kata lelaki tu heartless, cuba pergi Lebanon tengok mana lagi heartless. (And I don't know why I came out with such statement. LOL) 

I shop a lot and I bleached my hair. Thanks for reading! Salam :)