It's In The Air!

Once upon a time, I met this one boy named Hariz.
He's a nice kid but somehow he's a pain in the nose.
Sometimes, it's best to stay like this.
But when the ring started to speak,
I became the happiest girl I've ever been and nothing can describes that.
But deep down inside, he's still a pain in the nose.
12/10/11 : Pardon his Math. It's been awhile :p
And that's why Bruno decided to stop talking to the moon. :)

P/S : Because we're cool liddat. I love you sayang! (⌒˛⌒)



(07/10/11-09/10/11) // JKT Part I
Parts of a plane that has been cut off and wallah!
This is a real tank that has been modified. Walaoweh!
And this is how it ends. (: -09/10/11

P/S :  Will be flying again in two weeks time. Stay put!


JKT Part I

To be continued---> (JKT Part II)


Eddy & Yuzmin (Holiday Inn)

Snippet on last week reception : fadmanaf.com