How to Shop Online & Get Your Money Back

We often shop for things online nowadays but have you heard about "Cash Reward Program"?

This program allows online shoppers worldwide to take a portion [percentage] of what they paid for products they bought through this program/service. This program also provides discount coupons and voucher codes for online shopping!

Example 1:
I booked a hotel from booking.com through this system. I paid RM 500+ for the hotel and I got [9%] RM30 in return. After a certain period of time, I can withdraw the RM 30!

Example 2:
Bought a XIAOMI Mi Band from Lazada for RM 93 through this system and I received [1.50%] RM 1.40 in return!

Sounds little but slowly I grew RM 50 in my account without me realizing it since I always shop online. My younger sister just withdraw RM 170 from this program and yes, this program is legit so don't worry!

CLICK HERE ] to sign up! Just insert your email and preferred password and you're done! Although you might need to update your details later but it's so easy! Always remember to sign into your ShopBack account first and click [let's say] "Zalora" on ShopBack's website before you log into your Zalora's account and start your shopping spree on Zalora.

A lot of companies have participated in this program including AirAsia, Althea, Lazada, ASOS, SASA, Sephora, Hermo, Malaysia Airlines, App Store, Zalora and many more! Different companies have different percentage % of cashback but it's better that nothing, right? It's like having a never-ending sale on everything, all year long!
My balance on June 6, 2017. Yay, duit raya!!
This is not a paid advertisement. If you sign up through a referral, you'll get RM10 bonus! If you sign up by your own/not through referral, you'll get RM5 bonus. To sign up and score yourself RM10 bonus, [click here] ! Just sharing some useful and interesting e-tips! Hope you enjoy this post! Please share this post with your loved ones too!

'Til next time. Toodles! :) xx

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Touch Minerals Loose Powder

Received my Touch Minerals Loose Powder in 01 Candy Blush earlier this week so I decided to share it with you guys!

Why loose powder? Loose powder is finer [halus] than pressed/compact powder, so it tends to settle into fine lines and wrinkles more easily than pressed/compact powder does; to blur out/soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Since the powder is finer, it's definitely the best choice for oily skin because it contains less oil than pressed/compact powder.

Loose powder, also known as setting powder, generally isn't used on it's own. You apply it after foundation to set your makeup to make it lasts longer. I enjoy setting my face with loose powder than compact/pressed powder because after applying moisturizer/primer, foundation and sunscreen, I really need to set my makeup or else everything will melt down and leave my skin feeling greasy/oily. Besides setting spray, loose powder also helps in setting my makeup to make it lasts longer. Whenever I want a sheer look, I apply my loose powder with a buffing brush. On days when I want slightly more coverage and matte finish, I use a cotton powder puff [a must have for sensitive skin] to apply my loose powder. [cotton powder puff usually comes together with any loose powder, including this one ↓ ]
Touch Minerals claimed that this loose powder is ...
# Collagen Infused: helps maintain skin moisture
# Preservatives Free: prevents skin irritation
# Talc [talcum] Free: helps prevent breakouts and clogged pores
# Lasts Up to 16-Hours: oil-free/less for longer hours
# SPF25 Sun Protection: a non oily alternative to traditional sunblock lotions
# Absorbs Excess Oil: matte face all day, everyday!
# Colour Rich Formulation: helps with skin discolourations
# Contains Anti-Bacterial Minerals: helps prevent skin redness and breakouts
After few tries this week, here's my Pros & Cons on this product :

— Pros:
>> Compact size, travel-friendly!
>> Helps mattify my foundation and blends well.
>> Pigmented in colour, helps to even out my skin tone.
>> No more oily nose!
>> Skin still looking good, not cakey even after 5 hours without touch ups.
>> Lightweight texture! Not thick at all.
>> Affordable! [RM 39.90]

— Cons:
>> Does not conceal my sins and flaws

In order to get your flaws totally concealed, it's recommended to apply whatever concealer you have first, dab it with finger/beauty blender and touch up with this loose powder for flawless finish! If you want more coverage, it's better to use compact powder first and loose powder for touch ups. I've been using Chanel's Poudre Universelle Libre loose powder before I got my hands on this one but I found myself reaching for Touch Minerals' more these past few days. Chanel's texture is kinda thick so I prefer Touch Minerals' texture more since the texture is lightweight so I don't feel bad wearing it everyday. It feels like, I don't have too much makeups on. On normal days, all I need are just my CC Cream + Sunscreen + Touch Minerals loose powder and I'm all set!

So far, I'm loving this Malaysian-made loose powder by Touch Minerals. There are 5 colours to choose from, available for all skin tones and undertones. If you'd like to give it a try, give Alia a hola and grab yours! [CLICK HERE TO GIVE ALIA SOME ❤️❤️]

Thank you @touchmineralsmy @touchmineralsuluklang for getting my hands on this goodie! MAJOR LOVE. xx


Cheapskate Tips 101

[Skin type: Dry] [Age: 26]
Here's a cheapskate side of me but these products gave me good results. Definitely worth every penny! And of course, #Tried-And-Tested! (:
>> Face and Body Lotion
Who could resist RM15 for a tub of moisturizer?! I'm on my second tub now! I normally use it as lotion/moisturizer for my face and body. Mind you the texture is a bit greasy at first and fragrance-free. Suitable for people who always in air-conditioned room. This cream works mainly by providing a layer of oil on the surface of the skin to prevent water evaporating from the skin surface and by using it regularly,it helps to restore our skin's softness, smoothness and flexibility by helping our skin retain moisture. Some people use aqueous cream as substitute for soap when washing/showering. Using this cream instead of soap or shower gel can preventing our skin from drying out while cleansing the skin. This method usually is recommended for people with eczema.

Product : Aqueous Cream [any brand with same price tag, they work the same]
Price : RM 15.00 [500 gram]
From : Guardian, Watsons, Caring, any pharmacies.

>> Lifting and Firming Serum/Face Lotion
I'm only 26 so I don't have much wrinkles but I would love to have my face plumped and this product is a miracle in a bottle! I noticed that after I trying it overnight, my skin wasn't blotchy or dry when I woke up in the morning. No more dry patches! It leaves my skin feeling really plumped and moisturized without feeling oily. I would repurchase this! I'm not using it to remove my wrinkles as I don't have much but I use it to prevent it. Some people claimed it reduces their under eye lines/wrinkles but I never tried it in my eyes area so can't really confirm that but it works for my cheeks! If you have saggy cheeks, try this!

Product : Hada Labo Retinol Lifting and Firming Lotion
Price : RM 11.00
From : Guardian

>> Toothpaste
Want cleaner and whiter teeth but can't afford teeth-scaling? My cousin Ika recommended this to me and yes I find it very helpful! This toothpaste whitens my teeth, leaving my mouth breath smells fresh and deep cleanse the mouth. Before this I normally used the normal Darlie & Colgate and I didn't expect much from this product at first because to me, toothpaste is just toothpaste but I was wrong! This toothpaste is a game changer! It also helps me in getting rid off stains that has build up.

Product : Colgate Charcoal Deep Clean Toothpaste
Price : RM 11.00
From : Any supermarket and pharmacies. Got mine from Giant Hypermarket.

>> Acne Lotion
My roommate Edrina told me one of her beauty secrets. It stinks, I know but beauty is pain! After few days of trying it, I slowly getting used to the smell of it. Edrina is very confident to use it as  night lotion and moisturizer/primer before makeup, but for me I use it either before I sleep or during daytime on my day off. She claimed that whenever her skin feeling bumpy [pre-acne], she immediately put gamat on the bump and it'll be gone by tomorrow or the day after! I tried putting gamat on my breakout area where I got my "papule acne" [macam jerawat pasir gitu] for two nights. The area became flat (finally!), no more bumps but the scars are still there, maybe it needs more time to get rid of the scars but so far I'm loving the tips!

Product : Ubat Gamat Langkawi
Price : RM 5.00
From : Pharmacies, Kedai Jamu, Kedai Jual Al-Quran, Kedai Karpet, etc [make sure it's the real Gamat from Langkawi]

>> Makeup Wipes
Makeup wipes are very useful when travelling or whenever you're feeling lazy to remove your makeup using cotton pads. I know that feeling because I'm always lazy HAHAHAHA. As we know makeup wipes are kinda expensive and normally priced at RM 14.00 - RM 20.00 in pharmacies. Say no more to expensive makeup wipes as you can now get RM 7.00 for 3 packs [20 sheets in each] from Watsons! Sometimes RM 5.00 when they're having promotions or member sales. It removes my makeup just like other makeup wipes did! It's alcohol free too! But always remember to double cleanse your face after using it with your facial wash. It only removes your makeup, not cleansing it.

Product : Watsons Moisturizing Baby Lotion Wipes [blue colour]
Price : RM 7.00 for 3 packs [60 sheets in total]
From : Watsons

>> Makeup Brush Cleaner
HOLY MOLY! My friend Zati Nordin shared one of her tips and the result is mind-blown! Just wet your brush, put some of the shower gel on the bristle and rub out the dirts. Even the most stubborn foundation easily came out from my kabuki brush and beauty blender! My kabuki brush [only people with kabuki brush know the struggles] is clean AF after using it. The white bristle is white again! No more stain on my beauty blender! Trust me and go to the nearest shop and BUY IT. BUY IT NOW. Remember this, ONLY the Ginseng one works. Others don't. Oh and it has this floral scent, which I love but my sister doesn't like it because it's kinda strong for her but she's already used to it now so, meh.

Product : Aiken Shower Gel Extra Protection in Rosemary, Bergamot and Ginseng
Price : RM 6.00 [250 ml]
From : Any supermarkets and pharmacies.

>> Face Brush
At home I'm using Clarisonic Mia 2 but when I travel I prefer to bring this brush from Daiso instead of Clarisonic because it's light-weight and cheap. So in case if I lost it I can always get a new one HAHAHAHAHA. The brush/bristle is soft and cleanse my face very well. I love cleansing my face with brush because it makes my face feeling cleaner and whenever I put on my moisturizer or any other skin care, my skin will absorb better. Of course I have to clean the brush every time after using it, so I use Aiken Shower Gel to clean it.

Product : Face Brush
Price : RM 5.90
From : Daiso

>> Hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know if you have more "cheapskate"-tips to share! xx


My First Umrah

Mind you that this post is in Manglish. 
Dubai. Feb 2017
Abu Dhabi. Feb 2017
Assalamualaikum and very good evening to y’all.

Alhamdulillah, I have safely landed last Sunday [March 5]. Me and my family, we went for 3 days 2 nights stay in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE before we started our journey to the Haram lands, Madinah al-Munawwarah and Mecca al-Muqaramah in Saudi Arabia.

What I want to highlight in this post is that, I am forever thankful and grateful that God still give me the chance to go there. Kalau before ni, bila orang cakap rindu nak pergi Umrah, I diam aje and didn’t say anything sebab I didn’t feel anything but at the same time I didn’t think it was the right thing to say macam, “err.. okay “ hahaha but I really wish that one day hati terbuka untuk fikir nak pergi ke Tanah Haram.

When my dad surprised us with the tickets, honest to God I was more excited to go to Dubai! I felt quite uneasy at first about going to Umrah when I tak rasa I was ready for that but I kept on saying to myself “tak baik, tak baik cakap macam tu. Dah beli tiket, kena redha”. I prayed to God to open my heart supaya I jadi excited nak pergi Umrah and please forgive me for not being excited about it. Alhamdulillah, I think Dia perkenankan.
Madinah @ Medina. Feb 2017
So preparations before nak berangkat, I bet everyone pernah dengar orang cakap jangan cakap merapu, hati kena bersih, jangan niat benda tak baik, jangan mengarut even though dalam hati, doa sangat mustajab bila di Tanah Haram. So what I did was, whenever I don’t feel like thinking about anything, I will start istighfar or salawat, because I have a problem. My brain is very active. Whenever I don’t think about anything, my cynical brain will start merepek this and that macam takda insurance so, before my brain started talking, I istighfar or salawat while walking, or mandi, or eating, in the lift, in the bus, while sitting, before I sleep, anywhere anytime.

Alhamdulillah, I’ve been blessed with good food since day 1 until I reached Malaysia. Alhamdulillah, selera pun ada sepanjang trip. For the past 25 years, people always said that do’a is powerful, so berdoalah. Me being jahil human being, “yes, kena doa and do also”. When I went there, muttawif reminded us to always be humble and never talk big. For example, “Don’t worry lah I know how to walk back to the hotel”. Don’t say that, I’m afraid you can’t even find an exit later so try to say it in a positive way like, “Okay, I’ll see you at the hotel” and pray to God to lead you to go back safely. Or when you’re sick, let’s say your legs are hurting, don’t say “aduhh, sakit kaki lah”, I’m scared your legs will be more sakit. Try to convert it into “ya Allah, hilangkanlah sakit kaki ku ini.. Sembuhkanlah sakit kaki ku ini..,” InsyaAllah sembuh. All praises to Allah, that’s when I learnt how to think positive, take things positively, see things in positive ways, sepenuh hati. It seems remeh but we often neglect to do this little adjustment in our daily life, that could affect our whole day. I bet most of us tried our best to stay positive, think positive, be positive and I thought I was wise enough to be able to control the way I think keep myself to stay positive [sometimes] but I was wrong.

Not saying I wasn’t a believer, but most probably I was never at my 110% when I do’a but God, I tell you. Just do’a for whatever you want, like let’s say, you lost your mother in the sea of people there so just do’a, “Ya Allah, pertemukanlah my mother dalam ramai ramai orang ni,” God’s willing, buka mata, mak dah kat depan mata. When nak solat, orang orang Turki berkeras nak ambil your tempat solat atau buat perangai dia duduk atas your sejadah or sejadah orang sebelah mogok nak solat situ jugak, do’a “ya Allah kau gerakkanlah hati wanita ini untuk solat di tempat lain yang lebih selesa, berikanlah aku dan orang sebelah ni ruang yg selesa untuk solat”, buka mata kawan dia panggil dari jauh sebab dah reserve tempat untuk dia, dia pun move lah ke tempat lain. Allahu benda memang jadi cash ye kat sana. Kalau tak selesa orang belakang bersin ke batuk, do’a “ya Allah, kau hilangkanlah selsema dia, batuk dia, gatal hidung gatal tekak dia, supaya kami semua solat dgn selesa,” God’s willing, beliau stop batuk and bersin. That’s how I realized how powerful do’a is to the extent, if dengar orang mengeluh complain itu and ini, I jadi naik angin like, “why you tak do’a?” dalam hati. Lepas tu istighfar, tak baik mengata orang maybe dia dah do’a kot.

That feeling when I visited [Raudhah] makam Rasulullah saw, I really hope each and one of you dapat visit Raudhah. I prayed for all of my friends dapat rezeki visit Raudhah before kita semua ditarik nyawa. Hati kental mana pun rasanya masuk situ jadi taman bunga, I really can’t describe the feeling. Macam nak menangis dekat situ meraung raung nak tidur situ, golek situ, duduk situ taknak balik. I seriously don’t know how to describe the feeling macamana. It's like you can feel His [s.a.w.] presence duduk dekat sebelah (T.T) that makes you want to burst your eyes and lungs out macam jumpa kekasih yang lama tak jumpa but in this case, tak pernah jumpa. [Sorry, that's the best I can come up with] I went to Raudhah with my mom and this one Aunty from our group. The aunty cedera kaki dia [slipped-disc] before this trip, so sepanjang our trip since Abu Dhabi-Dubai days dia kena pakai tongkat sebab tempang. God’s willing, after we sembahyang sunat dalam Raudhah, on the way out Aunty tu tak tempang dah terus sihat walafiat sampai lah hari ini. Tongkat dia pun tidur je dekat hotel sepanjang kami di Tanah Haram. Allahuakhbar, God is great.

If you’ve been saying Disneyworld is the most magical place on Earth or where the magic happens, you're wrong. That is where you bayar mahal, queue panjang, tak boleh khatam semua rides :p k lawak hambar kejap.
Makkah @ Mecca. Feb-March 2017
In Tanah Haram, I felt like I’ve been loved, like God was with me, so near so close to me. How generous of Him, after all those [I tried not to] mengeluh after tengok itinerary 4 days in Madinah and 7 days in Mekah macam wow so long why so long and there I was, taknak balik Malaysia dah and wonder how to apply kerja kat masjid tu. I even forgot how I look like, I forgot how my life was before I jejak kaki kat sana, I forgot that I own tons of makeups like how passionate I dengan makeup ni, I even forgot I had a home in Malaysia, I totally forgot about everything! Macam orang hilang ingatan macam tu tapi tak hilang ingatan, cuma tak terfikir pasal benda dah lepas. Rasa macam, I memang penduduk local situ eventhough tak reti Arabic. Hahaha gitteww, tapi sungguh tak tipu.

Betul Mak Long kata, ada rezeki lebih nak bercuti pergi Umrah je takpayah pergi negara lain hahahaha. Tapi bumi ini milik Allah, kita kena juga keluar melancong kalau ada rezeki, baru terbuka minda sebab percayalah, kebanyakan orang kafir lagi Islam dari kita yang Islam. Okay moving on, dekat masjid tu kalau boring taktahu nak buat apa, selawat sudah istighfar sudah, buatlah solat sunat macam sunat taubat, solat qada’ Subuh Zohor Asar Maghrib Isyak sebab kita banyak tinggal, solat hajat, solat hajat lagi, and solat hajat lagi or baca al-Quran. Ini ini je yang I buat hari hari lepas Maghrib sementara tunggu Isyak. Kalau nak wakaf al-Quran, one al-Quran costnya 50 Riyals. Bayar dekat Muttawif group Umrah tu, jangan beli al-Quran sendiri and derma dekat Masjid sebab Masjid tak terima because bukan datang dari factory yang diorang iktiraf.

Oh before I forget, reward pahala segala perkara yang baik di Masjid al-Nabawi Madinah [1,000 kali ganda], Masjidil Haram Makkah [100,000 kali ganda], Masjid Al-Aqsa; our first kiblat [500 kali ganda]. Disunatkan berwuduk di tempat penginapan before bertolak ke Masjid Quba’ dan solat sunat di dalam Masjid Quba’ [ganjaran pahala satu ibadah Umrah].

Rasulullah bersabda, “Barang siapa yang bersuci dari rumahnya, kemudian datang ke Masjid Quba, lalu shalat dua rakaat, maka baginya pahala sebagaimana ganjaran umrah.” (HR Tirmidzi)

I can only suggest dalam post tak berapa ni, berdoalah supaya hati tergerak nak pergi Umrah kalau hati tak berapa merasa nak pergi or tak terfikir langsung nak pergi. I ain’t a saint, balik Malaysia boleh kata tak berapa nak istiqomah but I’m trying my best to be a better man. Berdoalah supaya Allah jemput kita pergi Tanah Suci. Kalau tengok orang keliling Kaabah tu ramai, seram nak tawaf, do’a supaya kita dapat Tawaf and Sai’e dalam keadaan selesa, permudahkan urusan Umrah kita, insyaAllah semua dipermudahkan. Tengok orang Sai’e antara bukit Safa and bukit Marwah, do’a minta kita tak kena rempuh dengan gang Turki, do'a minta dapat Sai’e dengan selesa, Alhamdulillah, selalu depan I time Sai’e kosong, orang takda, me and my mom boleh jalan dengan selesa, even though left side, right side, behind us there were so many people so I cannot brain why depan me and my mom kosong. Kuasa Allah. Alamdulillah, dapat buat tiga kali Umrah dengan selesa, tak penat, tak semput, tak sakit kaki, nothing and I enjoyed doing it. Start Umrah, happy. Selesai Umrah, happy jugak. Taktahu lah kat sana, happy semacam. Nikmat rezeki Allah bagi. Alhamdulillah Dia perkenankan doa buka hati kita untuk enjoy this Umrah trip. Hari-hari do’a supaya diberi tenaga, hilangkan sakit kaki, Alhamdulillah Allah bagi lagi.

So this is my first Umrah experience. Hopefully not the last one. Alhamdulillah boleh tengok Ka’abah. Speaking of Ka’abah, the view of Ka’bah from tempat Sai’e got me macam *snaps fingers*. It was DÉJÀ VU! I’ve seen it before! It was in my dream I cannot remember when it was looong time ago, just that there was no Ka’bah in that dream and I was walking, searching for something like where’s that “thing” but I didn’t know what I was searching for. OH MY GOD, it was Ka’abah! I was searching for Ka’abah. Because masa tu dari entry bawah Masjid, nampak la the “stadium” where Ka’abah is in the middle, tapi pintu masuk yang I lalu kat tepi Masjid so tak nampak lah Ka’abah kat tengah tu because Ka’abah tersorok belakang dinding. Oh my God, macam nak rebah tengok. It was Ka’abah that I was searching for dalam mimpi yang probably more than 5 years ago [kalau fikir balik hahaha]. Alhamdulillah, dapat rezeki tengok Ka’abah depan mata. Alhamdulillah, eventhough complain banyak, jahil pulak tu, tapi God still invite me to visit his “house”, bagi rezeki dapat jejak masuk Raudhah, when I feel like tak layak pun nak jejak kaki dalam Tanah Suci. There's so many thing I still want to share but I think this is enough hahahaha probably gonna update this post with more paragraphs in the future insyaAllah. I thank God for the opportunity that He gave me, this trip has changed the way I see things, the way I see Islam as a religion, how powerful do’a is and why people nak abdikan diri dekat Tuhan because the feeling, the feeling when you’re there is indescribable. Only you can feel it. I pun don't know how to explain. It's like if you don't believe in God, you will percaya that God exists once you're there. Bila jejak sana, empty your heart, doakan yang baik-baik minta Allah permudahkan and doa for Him to give you the excitement to beribadah.

My first Umrah trip was fun. I enjoyed every inch of the trip, I even forgot that I visited Dubai and Abu Dhabi before that. Trust me on this, pray to God to give you the excitement to perform Umrah when you don’t feel like it, empty your heart and go. God will lead you. The most powerful feeling dekat sana is when you feel like He is with you. Like really, really close to you and it feels like, there's nothing else on this Earth matters anymore. That feeling, I miss having that feeling. (T.T) How I wish tanah atas bumi ni semua Tanah Haram. Serious doo I think sana syaitan kurang HAHAHAHA

I may not write this coretan in the most beautiful way but I really hope if you tak pergi lagi and never thought of going, try pergi at least once. You will enjoy it! If you never enjoy any agama events selama ni, you will enjoy Umrah trust me. It is the most magical place that will change your mind, your heart, your Iman. If you always doubt your do’a, go Umrah. If you feel like, wtf am I doing, go Umrah. You will see how powerful your do’a is. Always pray to God to show you the right way. Before we bertolak keluar from Tanah Haram Mekah, hukumnya wajib buat tawaf wada [tawaf selamat tinggal]. That time masa lambai-lambai saying goodbye to the Ka’abah, rasa sedih sangat sebab tahu diri tak boleh nak istiqomah bila dah keluar Tanah Haram.

All I can say is, do’a is powerful. So powerful, it’s beyond our imaginations. It is indeed the best weapon we have.

P/S: I don’t have too many pictures. Ada tetap ada tapi tak penuh phone. Tak tahu lah kenapa tak terfikir nak bergambar kat sana. Sebab dah fefeeling orang local kan hahaha. Menyesal jap =.=”



Just right before I catch my flight to Abu Dhabi this Sunday, Hariz just surprised my whole family with... well, keep reading...

Hariz's calling dibs!

I still can't find the best, right word to define what I feel right now. The best I can come up with is, "funny". Oh my God I'm not sure if I should be happy or bad about me feeling funny but for sure everything that happened tonight felt so surreal! Not going to upload photos of the event because I look bad in all pictures HAHAHAHAHA it was a surprise and I was about to get done with the dishes, sental periuk nasi and shits, so my face was definitely not ready for any of this but oh hey, check out my first ring and 'dulangs' [trays]! 
My belly still feels funny while writing this post. It feels like I'm laughing on the inside instead of expressing it on my face or laugh like a normal person. God help me please. HAHAHAHAHA geez, he's the cutest thing on Earth. *DIBS! Cutest person ever is mine!

Well, almost. And of course. I said, YES! ❤️

P/S : Ika is probably the only one who knows about the plan, but she suck at keeping secrets. I was mistaken this surprise for another surprise, so yeah, I was still surprised so congratulations Booboo, you surprised me. Finally :P


Huda Matte Liquids + Lip Primers

Loving the new line from Huda Beauty [USD 20/ GBP 18]! Their matte liquid lipsticks are to die for! The packaging is beautifully-designed, sleek, simple and smart. Loooove the lips biting design on the packaging. It's like you can see the swatches just by looking at the boxes, without swatching them on your hands. I find that really genius of Huda Kattan, the famous Dubai MUA for coming up with such idea. They have 16 shades to choose from but my favourites would be Trendsetter [brownish-pink] and Icon [more to brown kinda melon pink]! I'm so bad at describing the colours, so please youtube for the swatches hahaha. Not a fan of pink lips, but Icon is an exception! After hours of Youtube sesh, only this video that I found very helpful [to me].

In terms of formula, this Italian-made matte liquid is quite tricky to apply as the formula is really wet/runny/watery. Comfortable to wear, does not leave patchy/cakey finish, slightly sticky after awhile as the formula does not 100% dry up even though it leaves my lips looking matte. Lasts up to, maybe 3 - 4 hours, if I don't eat hahahaha. Shades on the boxes are almost true to the colour, but might be slightly differed when applied on different people, different skin tones. Not so much, just slightly differed.

  • Very pigmented.
  • Does not leave my lips feeling dry [during and after].
  • Matte finish/ looking.
  • Feels light on the lips, like not wearing any matte lipstick at all.

  • Not long-lasting.
  • Fades easily when eating.
  • Slightly sticky on the lips after a while [but still comfortable to wear].
  • Not transfer-proof/ kiss-proof.

3.9/5 from me but still, I would say it's worth the hype! This is my first time trying such formula, that is different from what I've tried before; creamy liquid lipsticks. I would recommend you to get it at least one. If your lips always become dry after wearing liquid lipstick, or you just hate the matte feeling on your lips, yes Huda liquids might be the one for you or just get a lip primer. I'm using the one from MAC Cosmetics, Prep + Prime Lip [RM 82] before I discovered Lippie Primer [USD $5] from Colourpop. Both work the same *cries*. GAME CHANGER, I tell you. After I discovered this thing called lip primer, I always have it in my handbag, always. Never will I put any liquid lipstick on before applying lip primer. NEVER! Trust me on this one. I thought it was just an over-priced lip-balm so fuck that shit but boy, I WAS WRONG. If I can turn back time, I'd slap myself. 10/5 for lip primers because they're God sent.

P/S : Thanks Alia for introducing me to lip primers. I learned something new last month HAHAHA